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Pros / VentaFax can broadcast faxes, and includes a scheduler to prioritize faxes in the outgoing queue.

Cons / It lacks portable tools that many small business owners, consultants and freelancers demand, such as mobile phone faxing and web-based faxing from any computer.

 Verdict / If you are required to send faxes via a modem and phone line for security or compliance reasons, VentaFax is one of the best fax software programs for small to medium businesses. It is available in multi-line and network options and works with all Windows operating systems.

Editor's Note: This information was taken directly from the manufacturer's website.


  • Send facsimile messages from any Windows application
  • Manual and automatic facsimile message reception and transmission
  • Text recognition (OCR)
  • Fax broadcasting
  • Color fax support
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Customizable cover page
  • Convert incoming faxes to PDF documents
  • Fax priority system
  • V.34 Fax (Super G3) faxing support

Answering machine:

  • Voice/Data/Fax mode recognition
  • Remote DTMF control
  • Voice mailbox support
  • Distinctive Ring

Caller ID:

  • The black-list and white-list filtration
  • Phone number voicing
  • Answering machine setting redefinition
  • Caller data display

User interface:

  • Unique virtual fax interface
  • Real-time display of reception/transmission operations


  • Telephone conversation recording
  • Speakerphone (speak on a modem)
  • Announcement prior to sending a fax
  • Automatic registration of telephone calls
  • Playing back text files using a speech synthesis engine (TTS)

Integration with email:

  • Automatic notification of incoming messages (and forwarding these messages in the Business Version) by email
  • Sending fax and voice messages as file attachments via email
  • Placing incoming messages to the mail program's Inbox

Other features:

  • Repeated Dialing
  • Actions after reception and transmission
  • Access to Windows Address Book and Outlook Address Book


VentaFax Visit Site