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VentaFax Review

PROS / VentaFax can broadcast faxes, and includes a scheduler to prioritize faxes in the outgoing queue.

CONS / It lacks portable tools that many small business owners, consultants and freelancers demand, such as mobile phone faxing and web-based faxing from any computer.

 VERDICT / If you are required to send faxes via a modem and phone line for security or compliance reasons, VentaFax is one of the best fax software programs for small to medium businesses. It is available in multi-line and network options and works with all Windows operating systems.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Fax Software here.


VentaFax is available in numerous versions, and it sends and receives faxes via a fax modem or an internet-telephone service provider, such as PBX or VoIP. VentaFax is both software and an onsite fax solution. If you are looking to retire your fax machine or a group of fax machines but intend to keep your fax modem and phone lines, VentaFax is a suitable fax software program for your business.

VentaFax is available in home, business, multi-line and network versions. The home version includes basic fax tools. The business version also includes fax and voice-message broadcasting, along with numerous automated tools. The multi-line version can support up to 32 fax modems, and the network version can be installed on a server and can support computers connected to the network.

Depending on your storage capacity, the business version can manage unlimited voice message recordings, mass fax and voice deliveries, and control script branching and recording time. This version can automatically convert incoming faxes to PDFs and forward them by email. It also includes basic fax features such as the ability to send faxes from Windows applications via the print command, schedule faxes, prioritize faxes in the send queue and create custom cover pages.

This software does not send faxes over the internet or as emails. However, as it can convert faxes to PDFs and forward them by email, your faxes will be available on mobile phones. VentaFax does not provide smartphone-specific apps. This fax program does not include a web-based version to send faxes via the internet from any location either.


If you are looking to replace your fax machines and want a solution that will work with your current business telephone service, VentaFax software for Windows may work well for you. It can send faxes securely using fax modems, and the volume of faxes you can send and receive is unlimited. However, this internet faxing software does not include mobile-specific tools or an internet interface.