Pros / Gliffy can be used for many professional applications.

Cons / This flowchart program lacks advanced sharing features, such as PDF and HTML export.

 Verdict / Gliffy’s features makes creating professional diagrams easy and efficient, but it lacks many of the advanced features needed for collaboration and presentations beyond those for office use or basic client presentations.

Gliffy offers a basic but effective flowchart software solution that is easy to use and suitable for many business flowchart needs. It has a useful library of standard shapes and containers for grouping shapes together as well as good viewing tools, but it lacks some of the advanced sharing and collaboration features of other diagram software.

Gliffy has many of the tools and features you'd expect to find in flowchart software programs, including templates, drag-and-drop functionality, shapes with multiple connector points, grids and guides, plus automatic spacing and alignment tools to create appealing flowcharts. It has a snap-to feature that makes objects "snap" to the grid, making it easier to expand and collapse groups uniformly. However, it doesn’t allow you to replace shapes without first deleting the existing shape, nor does it let you add extra connection points to symbols. The shapes don’t automatically resize as you enter text, and when connectors cross, there isn’t a line hop to help you follow the lines. The software also lacks spell check.

This flowchart software has the basic shapes and figures that you need to create organization charts and other business diagrams, such as mind maps, SWOT analysis and Venn diagrams. Plus, it includes unique symbols and images for technical drawing, wireframes, UML and network diagrams. In fact, it’s one of two lower-ranked software solutions that has as many applications as our top three ranked products.

If you are working with others, such as for developing a process-flow diagram or organizational chart for a large project, your viewers can add comments, edit the chart and create links to other sections of the diagram. If someone makes a change that isn’t needed, you can check the revision history and pull up an older version. All these features make it useful for basic, in-house use, and the program is cloud-based, making it easy to access anywhere.

However, this program lacks several advanced features, such as multiple page diagrams and the ability to create charts from data sources. It also lacks the ability to secure your diagrams with passwords and manage your viewers by deciding who can view, comment and edit your diagrams.

The collaboration tools do not work in real time, nor do they offer the ability to secure your diagrams with passwords or manage your viewers by deciding who can view, comment and edit your charts. You also cannot export the finished product to PDF or HMTL, which could make sharing your charts more difficult.

Gliffy lacks phone and live chat support, but there is an email form on the company’s website, and you can access a decent amount of information through the user forum, tutorials, user manual and blog. A FAQs section is also available online.

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For easy diagramming and on-the-go access to your charts, Gliffy is a good online diagram software option to consider. The alignment tools, grids and guides help you create professional-looking flowcharts fairly quickly. However, if you want to create more involved diagrams for client presentations or if you need more advanced sharing tools, this service cannot provide it.

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