Pros / This flowchart program works on iPad or Android tablets through a browser as well as on desktops.

Cons / The program lacks real-time collaboration and the ability to password protect diagrams.

 Verdict / SmartDraw Cloud provides cloud-based, user-friendly flowchart software with useful drawing and collaboration features. However, it lacks some advanced tools and support options found with other flowchart services.

SmartDraw Cloud’s intuitive design and excellent ease of use means that you should be able to start creating diagrams quickly with only a slight learning curve. Solid diagramming and sharing tools as well as outstanding graphic features and good text options make this a good choice for flowchart software.

The canvas automatically expands as you add content to your diagrams, and you can add multiple pages to your charts as well as multiple layers to each page. These features make it suitable for technical diagrams as well as organizational charts, and the software includes shapes and templates for many types of applications, including business process modeling, network diagrams, UML, wireframes and more. However, it doesn’t give you the option of importing data to automatically generate diagrams such as organization charts.

This software has a lot of great tools for creating diagrams and charts. You can enter text directly in the shapes, and they automatically resize to fit your text. You can also replace shapes without first deleting the existing one. You have a wide range of options for connector shapes, including right angles, straight lines, curves, lightning bolts, bevels and more. You can rotate your figures, which is not as common a feature as you might expect.

This service offers tools to enhance the visual appeal of your diagrams. In addition to the multiple styles of drop shadows, bevels, interior shadows, reflections, glows and glosses, you can custom create parameters for any of these effects. In addition, gradients, textures and hatched patterns can be applied to lines or backgrounds. We didn’t find the themes and color schemes as strong as some of the other design software programs we reviewed, but it did have both of these tools.

When you wish to collaborate on your diagrams, you can email a link to your coworkers or clients, and you can choose to allow them to edit or simply view the diagrams. This is the only program that is both viewable and usable on both Android tablets and iPads, making it an excellent choice if you or your clients prefer working on mobile devices. However, it lacks revision history, password protection for diagrams, presentation mode and HTML export.

Like all of the flowchart software we reviewed, email support is available for SmartDraw Cloud, and it is one of the few with phone support as well. It lacks a beginning tutorial, live chat and user forums.

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SmartDraw Cloud lets you design beautiful flowcharts. The diagramming tools are varied and useful. It can be used to create many different types of diagrams, and the interface makes it incredibly easy to use. However, although it is a cloud-based program, collaboration isn’t in real-time, it doesn’t have a presentation mode, and it doesn’t allow you to password protect diagrams. Overall, this is definitely a flowchart diagram program worth considering, and a seven-day trial is available if you want to try it out before buying.

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