iMonitorSoft website monitoring software gives you the tools to monitor your employees’ digital workstations. iMonitor EAM is the company’s traditional software, which you can quickly install to the server on your administrator console and add to any computer you want to monitor in your network, while iMonitor 365 is the cloud-based version.

This internet management software operates entirely in stealth mode, so your employees will never know it is there – unless you want them to. Using this system, you can monitor multiple computers from your administrator console and view user activities in real time. User information is stored in your database, so you can access it later and create reports.

This internet usage monitor's surveillance features cover all desktop activity, including the URLs your employees access and their keystrokes. It also logs all of your employees’ online searches. If you see that certain sites are becoming a nuisance, or an employee’s productivity is dropping, you can limit their access to these sites and even block sites completely. You can block sites by keyword and groups, such as all adult-content sites with one keyword, so you do not have the hassle of blocking such sites individually. You can also block all the popular, distracting social media sites.

The software also lets you protect your company’s vital data and intellectual property. It monitors emails and other correspondence so you can see what information your employees are sharing. You can create keyword groups so that specific words will flag emails that are sent and incoming to your office. This system even monitors online chats and instant messages. You can block employees from saving information to external devices, like USBs, or set the software to alert you every time someone copies information using their USB port.

In addition to internet management, you can control documents on computers in your network. The software can send you alerts when documents are created or printed. This is another way you can monitor what information is leaving your company.

You can contact this company using one of the many phone numbers listed on its website. You can also reach representatives via email or even Skype. A FAQs page is available if you want to find answers yourself, and you can sign up for the company’s newsletter.

iMonitorSoft’s internet monitoring software, iMonitor EAM and iMonitor 365, let you track employee actions and behaviors, flagging any potential problems. You can improve productivity by blocking or limiting access to specific websites and protect your data by monitoring who is sharing what.