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InterGuard Review

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InterGuard is an effective way to monitor employee internet use and safeguard your company's vital information and data. This internet management software has five modules: Web Filtering, Employee Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention, Laptop Recovery and Mobile Monitoring. You can apply these modules individually or together to protect your company's vital information and ensure your employees effectively use company resources.

This internet management software helps you eliminate employee misconduct and inappropriate use of company time. Because social networking unrelated to work, particularly the too-frequent use of Facebook, has become such a problem in the workplace, InterGuard sets social networking under its recorded data. This lets you specifically monitor employees' use of Facebook to determine whether restriction is needed or not.

InterGuard monitors and filters other websites too, limiting employee access to unsafe or undesirable software applications. This helps you limit expensive productivity losses and track individual employee output.

This internet management software helps IT managers eliminate theft of confidential data by stopping misappropriation of IP, trade secrets, customer data, credit cards and health records. It lets you conduct digital forensics and gather digital evidence in the case of misconduct within your workforce. You can give your IT department the tools to uncover risks by scanning all of the PCs in your organization to find where confidential information resides.

One of InterGuard's benefits is that it does not tie you to the corporate network. Once you install the software on the computers you want to protect and monitor, no matter where those computers are and no matter if they are connected to the internet, you have the software's full functionality and oversight of your entire system.

Like any successful internet management software, this application is designed to deploy remotely to any number of computers. You can use the software with just about any mass deployment tool. There is a client piece of software that you install directly on the machine you want to monitor, and there's a server part that collects the data for remote viewing and allows you to manage policies for each remote machine you are connected to.

You can choose to host the server behind your company's firewall or to have it hosted by InterGuard. The software works with any web browser, including mobile browsers, so you can manage it from anywhere.

InterGuard provides amazingly detailed productivity reports on individuals through a specially designed dashboard. An IT administrator can run reports based on a single employee or on any of their individual activities, such as web browsing or data transfers. You can sort and shift all of the data any way you prefer. However, this software doesn’t monitor the network bandwidth your employees use or provide server log analysis.

This internet management software automatically generates reports, depending on what data is available. There is a dashboard where you, the administrator, can get an idea of how employees are spending their time. The system can generate dozens of reports, so you can highlight different areas of productivity.

This program can add more reports at your request. Furthermore, you can export data to other software applications, so it integrates with your other office software. The way the software works, whether InterGuard hosts your data or your company hosts it behind a firewall, you can see what it has recorded on one of your connected devices from anywhere in the world in real time.

InterGuard offers 24-hour support through email and live chat. There's toll-free phone support from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekends. Video tutorials as well as printed tutorials and a knowledgebase are available online.

InterGuard gives you control over the digital environment in your office. With the full InterGuard suite, your company can see the digital behavior of employees and create policies to address security vulnerabilities. InterGuard can also help your company keep data secure by tracking and, if necessary, blocking the transfer of data through your firewall.