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NetVizor Review

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NetVizor is good internet monitoring software for tracking employee work habits and can meet the needs of any size of business. It logs all keystrokes typed, websites visited, windows viewed, applications run, internet connections made and passwords entered. It also captures screenshots of employees' computer activities.

This internet management software offers real-time surveillance and network monitoring from one location. It can be remotely deployed in stealth mode through your company's LAN so your employees don't know they're being monitored. However, it isn't accessible via a mobile device.

The software can filter and prevent employees from accessing applications and websites that you designate. You can set the time when they may access these sites. You can also set NetVizor to notify you instantly by email when employees access unwanted applications, use chat clients, start or shut down computers, type designated keywords, visit unwanted websites, use portable drives, or modify certain files or folders.

You can set a workstation to log out if left unattended for a certain amount of time. This feature is useful to prevent unauthorized access to private data.

This internet management software can generate daily reports. You can create top 10 reports of email senders and receivers, chat users, applications accessed, websites visited, files opened or transferred, bandwidth used, online searches, and active and idle computer use, among other activities. Reports can help you determine which employees are not performing according to company policies and practices, so you can instill better productivity in your workforce.

NetVizor's remote file system navigation and management lets you browse and navigate all files of remote workstations. You can delete and launch files on PCs you are monitoring. The software can also shut down a workstation left on after business hours and set a time for it to restart.

The NetVizor website has a FAQs page and an email form so you can send questions and requests. The website states that requests will be addressed in 12-24 hours.

NetVizor has a comprehensive logging system that tracks and records nearly every activity on your employees' computers. It can block websites and applications on any workstation. Its remote control features let you review files, take screenshots, and launch, disengage or delete applications.