Pearl Echo is internet management software that lets you enforce your company's internet use policies and extend monitoring beyond your office. It's ideal for companies with remote sites and employees on the road. It provides functionality through your existing network connection and does it with minimum overhead.

You can monitor your employees' web browsing, news sites, chats, file transfers, emails and instant messaging. The software tracks keywords and text to protect your company from information theft or inappropriate transfer of data. This is great for keeping your information safe.

This software has a user-friendly interface and simple features that make it a powerful tool to prevent security breaches, which could implicate your company in lawsuits. It operates in stealth mode, so it's undetectable on computers it monitors. Administration takes place through an internet console, and the software can only be deleted with the administrator password and permissions.

The software runs as an independent service, eliminating reliance on legacy proxy servers or integration issues with firewall subnetworks. So even if you access the internet through a wireless connection, all your company's internet regulations will apply and you can monitor emails, browsing, search words and programs your employees use from the road.

You can protect private information on your network by monitoring emails and attachments. Pearl Echo has a keyword-blocking option based on modules that cover more than 40 categories. These include adult sites, cybercrime, music and media sites, and sites known to include spyware or bypass attacks. This provides an opportunity to prevent attacks on your systems before they occur.

This internet management software offers real-time monitoring of all active accounts on your list of monitored users. You can set the software to prompt a warning message in case of an illegal or unwanted encounter by an employee, or set it to warn the administrator, with a listing of the URL, chat, text, email or attachment the user tried to access.

Standard monitoring of internet activity provides real-time reports of all active users and all their activities, including emails, newsgroups, chats and web browsing. You can configure the system to show the physical address of the machine, as well as the data checks to validate the authenticity of log data, should legal verification be called into question.

You can create groups within your company, such as by department, and set user and access permissions for each group. Even though Pearl Echo is not a spam filter, you can filter emails and attachments, preventing illegal use of your company mail server or possible data leaks by insiders.

Pearl Echo has a report manager option that offers more than 75 customizable reports. They include top-use reports for time employees spent on specific sites and domains, their bandwidth use, and the time they spent on categorized sites, such as sports, adult and shopping sites.

Reports generate bar charts or pie charts, along with other details and hyperlinks to visited websites. You can schedule these customized reports to run automatically and save in different file formats or come to you by email.

The company offers a FAQs page that covers all features and customization elements of the software, and it accepts feedback from customers. The company offers a sample internet-use policy that you can use as a broad guideline.

Pearl Echo gives you the ability to monitor several workstations and laptops in real time and fully control data. It also produces visual and data reports, using either one of the prebuilt reports or a customized report to suit your needs. You can receive reports via email and alerts when an employee accesses a website, application or information that is off limits. This application runs in stealth mode and cannot be removed by the people it monitors.