Veriato 360, formerly known as SpectorSoft, offers a straightforward way to monitor your employees' work habits so you can amend their activities if needed. You can block websites, receive alerts of inappropriate activities, and review employees' emails and chats.

This internet management software tracks the websites your employees visit and lets you see what they are viewing. You can set it to take screenshots as frequently as every second or based on user activity, such as when they click the mouse, visit a new webpage or launch a program. You can later review the screenshots in a video-style timeline playback.

You can see everything your employees do on Facebook and other social networking sites. If their activities become a distraction from work or a hindrance to productivity, you can block or limit their access to undesired sites. Chats can also be monitored and blocked.

This software is more useful for surveillance and web blocking than for its remote access capabilities to control workstations. It is not possible to deploy or remove software on remote computers using Veriato 360. The program must be set up on the user workstation or laptop to be monitored, though once installed, it is undetectable to the employee using that workstation.

The software records internet searches with their time and date. Veriato 360 records keystrokes and applications that employees launch as well as when they are launched and the duration of use. Monitoring can take place from a single computer, but if necessary, the administrator interface can be accessed on monitored computers.

The software offers keyword alerts. You simply create a list of alert keywords or phrases for Veriato 360 to send you an email anytime an employee types one of the words or phrases.

Reports are available to show websites your employees visit and those most frequently viewed. The summary report shows you a rundown of the top 10 searches performed and top 10 applications used, as well as the top 10 people emailed and the top 10 people chatted with. Reports provide details of file downloads, including software, images and videos. The software also monitors your employees' file uploads.

Customer support is accessible around the clock via telephone and email. Live chat is available on the company's website, but not around the clock. Online FAQs are available.

Veriato 360 is a good choice for anyone looking to monitor their employees' activities. It can track essentially everything that occurs on a computer, including keystrokes, chats, emails, internet browsing, online searches and applications used. It records this activity through screenshots and reports for later study and comparison.