Pros / With its web-based control panel system this is an excellent application for parental control. It also has a user-friendly interface and is easy to setup and run.

Cons / Extra security feature "Laptop Cop" can only be used within USA.

 Verdict / Outstanding internet management software with realtime monitor and a warning system complete with screenshots.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

WebWatcher comes in as one of the highest-ranked internet management software programs reviewed by Top Ten Reviews. The software is ideal for parents keeping watch over home computers and business owners monitoring employees. WebWatcher has many interesting features; some of them are truly unique.

WebWatcher enjoys powerful tools, that make it not only a data retrieval tool but also has tracking tools for physical retrieval of stolen laptops.



WebWatcher is a web-based control panel system. Client-based setup is the only type of setup mode an administrator needs to take care of. In order to monitor user activity the administrator will have to log on to where reports and data about users' browsing behavior, Chat/IM messages, and emails are collected and stored. Both the WebWatcher client and administrative panel are very simple to use. The administration panel uses simple menus and easy-to-navigate buttons.

Setting up the program is very simple. Once software is purchased, the administrator can download then install on the computer or laptop in need of monitoring. The administrator has the option to setup several users in the "Advanced" mode setting or the basic mode. In the "Advanced" mode, each user will be allocated customized monitoring parameters that measure users' activities depending not only on their internet browsing habits, email correspondence, and IM/Chat but also on what other applications they run on their machines. 


An interesting feature is called "Laptop Cop." For an extra cost it will come in handy should the monitored laptop be stolen. WebWatcher has the ability to take screenshots of not only internet activity but also of any software initiated on that machine. Screenshots can be setup to record activity in 10-second intervals for duration of up to 90 minutes. This feature is useful in taking snapshot images of whomever might be using the laptop should he/she decide to use the webcam. In addition to all emails sent, Chat/IM messages, etc. a snapshot of the unfortunate thief using your laptop will be found on the server. 


On the monitored computer/laptop, the program runs in stealth mode. Activation of administration mode can only be done through predefined hotkeys. A menu will appear prompting the user to enter a password in order to verify administrator access on the monitored laptop. 


WebWatcher can monitor IM/Chat, keystrokes, websites visited, searches performed as well as take screenshots of running programs. The system can also record emails received and sent by monitored users, but cannot make any recordings of attachments.   


A demo version is available online for download; however, do not count on it to provide you with the software's full features. The demo version is 7 days long only, during which you can test most features. 


For the price of $97.00 per license the full version of WebWatcher will provide an effective realtime internet monitoring system. The software is available for purchase through download or can be sent to you by mail. Volume discount is available and a special discount is also offered to educational institutions. It should be stated that extra services such as Laptop Cop or extra space on the server are charged separately.

WebWatcher is a typical internet management software. It has the ability to monitor your child or employee whether the computer is connected to a LAN or simply while he or she is online using a public wi-fi hot spot. The client version of the program sends user activities to the program server at whatever set intervals you choose.

Remotely accessing the system extra called "Laptop Cop" allows an administrator to remotely retrieve files through the admin panel in the event that your laptop is stolen or lost. Deleting sensitive files remotely beyond retrieval without the thief's knowledge is possible. Additionally, with one remote command Laptop Cop lets you render your stolen PC useless by locking down access to everything on the computer.

With the "Laptop Cop" feature, it is even possible to locate your stolen laptop on a map within 6 feet, which will be used to physically retrieve the stolen machine.


WebWatcher reports cannot be exported outside the server account. All reports are accessed online; however, printing reports in the form of tables or graphical representation is possible. Since recorded data is not stored on an independent server for analysis, this makes the system heavily dependent on WebWatcher providers themselves.

Graphic output provides an easy to read display of user activities such as searches using any search engine, emails and high-risk sites visited that may be dangerous. A "Dashboard" option allows the administrator to examine various activities of all users in visual and tabular forms. The "Dashboard" displays a grid of cells each expandable to a full screen providing different start and end dates option, as well as the method of report.

Report Format

Reports are auto-generated from within the administration panel on the server. The administrator will need to log on to the internet management software account with a username and password to his/her account hosted on the WebWatcher server. The visual option allows the administrator to select graphic -based reports as well as tabular-based reports from a set of defined parameters. This will reveal the saved data in the format of your choice. With a simple click the tabular display can be expanded to provide fuller details.

Data will only be saved for 14 days on the WebWatcherData account after which if the user wants to store the data, he/she will have purchase extra space on the server. Saved data can be printed for hard-copy reference. Data storage is $4.95per month for a 50 MB block of storage. You can purchase as many blocks of storage as you would like. The "Favorite" option allows the user to keep favorite settings like keywords and blocked sites as well as recorded data saved and accessible with a simple click.

Help and Support

The most interesting part of their help service is the online chat service provided 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. The company provides sales service and technical help which can be accessed from within the admin panel through a pop-up chat box. 

A knowledge base is also offered where answers are instantly found through common questions and answers that have been previously posted. An email trouble ticket service is also available for those who wish to document their technical trouble. Requests are usually answered within 24 hours.


WebWatcheris a user-friendly internet management software. Not only it is easy to setup but using the account on the server cannot be made easier. The administrator can set user defined criteria or use standardized one to monitor users' keystrokes, emails, IM/Chat and other internet behaviors. WebWatcher registers screenshots not only of visited websites, but also of applications programs defined by the administrator as high profile.

Furthermore, help is always provided in addition to the training video available online. WebWatcher has many interesting features, however, the "Laptop Cop" stands out as one of the more useful and unique elements. It costs extra, but if your company spends a lot of money on company laptops it's most likely a sound investment.