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inFlow Regular v3 Review

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PROS / The modern interface makes it easy to use.

CONS / It does not integrate with eCommerce platforms.

 VERDICT / With a modern interface and a full feature set that covers tracking and reporting, plus invoices, inFlow is an excellent inventory tracking program for businesses of any size.

Editor's note: A newer version of this software is available. The company lists the new version as offering the following feature: eCommerce integration. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this software when we next update the Inventory Software reviews.

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With a modern interface and comprehensive features, inFlow inventory software makes it easy to track of your customers, vendors and inventory. It works well if you have multiple locations, several employees who need access to the software and international clients. Combined with on-screen tutorials and examples to follow, inFlow earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


inFlow inventory software is simple to use, with a modern interface and menus that make it easy to find the tools you need. A wizard walks you through setting up all of your company, product and tax information. The icons are easy to understand and the fields are self-explanatory.

inFlow's features make it especially useful for businesses that have multiple stores or warehouses. For one, you can view your entire inventory by location and category. This can be especially helpful if you receive a big order for a product that you are running low on. If you have it at another location, you can see if you have excess stock elsewhere and have some transferred to another location. Lot and serial numbers are also excellent features. While having the serial number is important for your own protection against theft, it also allows you to better track your items in the warehouse.

inFlow allows you to keep track of item kits in your inventory as well. This means you can take stock out of your inventory to build item kits to sell to others. Using this inventory program, you can see which pieces of your stock have been placed into the kits without confusing these items with your regular stock.

With this program, you can take advantage of barcode scanning for quick and accurate inventory processing. Using inFlow's return management options helps you process return items with ease, particular when combined with the barcode scanner. You simply use the barcode scanner to scan the returned item, enter in a few specifics and watch your stock number go up while at the same time creating a credit for your customer.

This software's biggest drawback is that it does not integrate with eCommerce platforms. If you run an online store in conjunction with your physical ones, you need to either use the inventory program in your eCommerce software and run that stock separately, or input the transactions by hand into inFlow.


This software earns top marks for its financial features. inFlow allows you to manage recurring orders with ease. You enter in the specific data and the order function does the rest by creating the necessary documents to pack and ship the products. In addition, this inventory program also configures the correct sales tax for each item you sell. It can handle bundles of products and track products by weight instead of number.

If you own a business that exports goods to other countries, the multi-currency function comes in handy. In addition, you can also configure this inventory software to run in multiple languages, making it easy to work with international customers and vendors.

Administrative Features

By using inFlow inventory software, you also have a built-in planning system for your inventory. The reports are comprehensive and customizable, so you can drill down to the information you need to make the best decisions on how to move your stock. This is one of the few programs we reviewed that also makes use of graphs. If you need informative visuals for reports, you can get them from this program. You can export reports or the database in a variety of formats, or you can integrate with QuickBooks for accounting.

This inventory program offers you a great list of other available features to help you to manage your business more effectively. For example, you can attach photos or notes to your products database. This is especially handy if you have similar products or employees who need to do visual inventories of items. You can also add a uniform resource locater.

In case you have several people that need to use your inventory control software, inFlow allows you to set up access for five different people. In addition, you can also set up different levels of access for each user. This important feature helps you secure your inventory information. In addition, this inventory software allows you to access important information from any computer as long as you have an internet connection. The only thing it lacks is a mobile app, which would allow you to work on your inventory from a tablet or smartphone.

Help & Support

In addition to the user guide and in-program explanations of the functions, inFlow offers a comprehensive list of FAQs and community forums that ably answer questions. In addition, inFlow provides email, phone and chat support.


inFlow inventory software is a great product for managing a physical store or group of stores. It's intuitive and user friendly, and the support options are among the best that we have reviewed. The multiple languages and currency options make it especially good for those with international clients or an export business. inFlow also offers a great set of useful features, such as item-return management, serial number control and the ability to view inventory by location or category. This inventory software is definitely worthy of your consideration.

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