Pros / This program notifies you when one of your products is running low.

Cons / You cannot import products from your sales platform.

 Verdict / inFlow is an inventory software application well suited for many small businesses. It is relatively easy to use, but you are limited to a few options when importing products into the system.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

inFlow is an inventory software developed by Toronto-based Archon Systems. This is primarily an inventory management software application and doesn't have additional modules for customer management or online marketing. Because of its strong collection of sales and order tracking and administrative features, inFlow receives our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

There are several different pricing options available. The basic version is free and includes the ability to track up to 100 products. The free version performs most of the necessary functions of an inventory program, but it doesn't offer updates, it isn't customizable, nor does it offer phone or email support.

The Regular and Premium packages, by contrast, support unlimited products and offer phone, email and live chat support but cost several hundred dollars. The main difference between these plans is that with the Premium package, you can create bills of materials and work orders as well as input product serial and lot numbers.

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  2. 2  inFlow
    86.0 %
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    81.6 %

Stock Tracking

Our reviewers tested all 10 inventory programs thoroughly, evaluating each application based on how easy it was to use the program and how accurately it tracked inventory. inFlow received a score of 86 percent, which is only slightly above the average of 81 percent. This platform's score was docked slightly for its user interface experience. The interface is not as up to date or as uncluttered as other solutions we reviewed, though it is still easy to use and kept an accurate count of our test inventory.

In general, this program is simple to use. It's easy to fulfill purchase orders and update inventory. The dashboard doesn't automatically update when you make a sale. Instead, to see the updated amount, you can go to the See Stock tab and see the correct quantity.

You can import products in a variety of ways. You can scan product barcodes, manually add items or import inventory from a spreadsheet. If you pay for the Premium plan, you can input serial numbers. You can't import product data from your sales channels in either plan, however. When you manually add products, you can attach notes or photos to help you easily identify each item. If you're a manufacturer and need to produce a bill of materials, be aware that this feature is only available in the Premium plan.

inFlow integrates with eCommerce sites, which means that whenever you sell a product online, inventory levels adjust accordingly. You can also receive low inventory warnings through this program.

Sales & Order Tracking

This inventory management software offers a POS system in the form of making purchase and sales orders through the program. While this isn't as effective as a complete POS system, it is sufficient to meet the needs of most small businesses, though, generally speaking, a proprietary POS system is more suitable for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Other beneficial aspects of the program's sales and order tracking features include the flexibility of managing partial orders and accepting orders in multiple currencies. You can also easily store and track customers' information in the database.

Administrative Features

inFlow offers an assortment of administrative features to help you better manage your inventory and your business. You can export data in a CSV file, which is the most common format.

If you are a global business, inFlow is available in multiple languages. Other helpful administrative features include the fact that you can customize reports to fit the specific needs of your business. And if you want to create different access levels so that only certain employees have access to the program, you can only do so with the Premium plan.

Help & Support

This inventory software offers an online knowledgebase where you can find guides about different aspects of the software, such as creating bar codes and learning about inventory management methods. There are templates you can download to track your inventory.

If you can't find an answer through these different methods or through its online community, you can also email and phone the company or chat with a representative using the live chat feature on inFlow's website. However, be aware that if you are using the free version, these support options aren't available to you.

There are a couple of points to keep in mind with this inventory management program. First, inFlow is not a SaaS-based program. Instead, it's a Windows-based program and is not available for Macs. Additionally, because it is not a SaaS application, there is no inFlow mobile app, so if you want to monitor your inventory from your phone, this application may not be the best option for you.


inFlow is an inventory management program that offers a good selection of sales and order tracking and administrative features. It's relatively easy to learn and use, but you have fewer options for importing products than you do with other inventory management programs.