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Inventoria Business Edition Review

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PROS / Inventoria features a dedicated tool for recurring orders.

CONS / This software does not work with multiple currencies or multiple languages.

 VERDICT / Inventoria is a good software with all the basic features plus some extras that make it a good choice for local businesses that handle recurring orders.

Inventoria provides the basic tools for inventory tracking plus some convenient features, like the ability to handle recurring orders. Its older interface and lack of multiple language functions and eCommerce integration make is less useful than other higher-ranked inventory software, but it's still a program worth considering, especially if your business handles subscriptions or recurring sales.

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Inventoria's inventory management software has several tools to help you save time. You can configure multiple taxes and email purchase orders from the program. It also works with barcode scanners, so you can easily add stock to the database. The real standout, however, is the dedicated tool for managing recurring orders. Once you set up a recurring order, you don't have to enter the data over again. It will automatically set up the order to ship. Several of the programs we reviewed can manage recurring orders, but Inventoria's tool is the easiest to use.

There may be times when you want other people work to your inventory program without letting them access all your information. This inventory management system lets you to set up multi-user accounts so you can assign different levels of access to each account. This helps keep your records secure.

This inventory software allows you to see, in real-time status, your complete inventory levels. You also have the ability to view your inventory by location and by category and to see a complete history of items received and sold. With notes and photos, you can get the details about each product.

The software interface is older, and some of the steps aren't as intuitive as other programs, but it does have some helpful features to get you started. The initial setup walks you through how to set up each portion of your database, including your company and supplier information. The icons for adding items, creating reports and configuration settings are easy to find and offer user-friendly menu layouts. Some tasks take more steps than with other software we rated, however. For example, when adding an item, you need to click tabs to access different areas to input the information. Most programs simply have all this information on a single page.

This inventory tracker has a low-inventory alert so that it warns you when creating a new purchase that includes an item that's not in stock or of insufficient quantity to complete the order. When creating an order and adding items already in the inventory list, an alert pops up that allows you to create the new item. These features help you keep on top of the changes in your stock.

Inventoria inventory software offers limited but adequate free user support. The help section is detailed but not searchable, and we didn't always find the information we needed. You can email Inventoria if you have a question you can't find the answer to on the website. This inventory manager also offers a support plan for purchase, which includes phone support.


Inventoria inventory management software offers several helpful features, such as the ability to manage recurring orders. In addition, you have the opportunity to allow more users to access specific areas of the program to keep the overall information secure while still allowing you to delegate tasks. While not suited for online or international businesses, it's still a good choice for inventory tracking software.

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