Pros / The software goes beyond inventory to include sales figures, goals and other business expenses.

Cons / The interface is out of date, detracting from ease of use.

 Verdict / SpiritWorks Inventory Tracker Plus is a strong inventory control program that can help you track stock and sales, but the older interface makes it harder to use.

SpiritWorks Inventory Tracker Plus inventory software is an older program and it shows. The interface is clunky with each function you perform opening as a new window and a dependence on keyboard shortcuts. However, it offers expense tracking and other tools that might make it a good choice if you need a single go-to for several business accounting and planning needs. Despite the age of the interface, the program is updated to work with Windows 10 and the latest Mac version.

With this inventory management program, you can see the status of your inventory in real time or drill down to individual product histories. You can track kits or bundles and work with partial orders as backorders. You can set low inventory alerts that operate as a pop-up on the program.

The billing feature can compute sales tax to your specifications. It can accommodate multiple currencies, and with the addition of a language pack, it is compatible with up to 11 languages. It also handles multiple currencies. It can accommodate consignments. It also handles multiple stores, although it does not integrate with eCommerce, so you must input information from online sales manually.

In addition to billing and inventory, it can track other business expenses, even vehicle mileage, a great feature if your business includes deliveries. It also has a goals section for helping you organize and plan future growth.

The older, pop-up-windows interface made it the most difficult inventory program to handle. It relies on keyboard commands, where other programs have these as a right-click or other well-known commands. Further, the small windows make the interface feel crowded, especially if you are used to larger screens (you cannot change the sizes). However, it is not difficult to learn.

There is a comprehensive guided tour in the program itself that you can take when setting up this application, or later, if you need a refresher. The tour consists of a display with numbered tasks and a narrow column of text explaining the entire page, rather than letting your mouse over sections or clicking on an information button by the task. SpiritWorks offers help through email and phone support.

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  • Product Importing
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  2. 9  Inventory Tracker Plus
    63.0 %
  3. 83.0 %
  4. 2  inFlow
    86.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    81.6 %


SpiritWorks Inventory Tracker Plus helps you organize your inventory and track customer and vendor information, plus expenses and goals. This inventory software is a good choice for people searching for a comprehensive program that includes accounting and inventory, but the small windows and keyboard shortcuts take away from the user experience.