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The Best Mac Office Software of 2017

The Best of the Best for Macs

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The Best Mac Office Software of 2017
Our Ranking Mac Office Software Price
1 iWork $89.99
2 Microsoft Office for Mac $132.50
3 ThinkFree Office $49.95
4 MarinerPak $79.95
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Mac Office Software

Why Do I Want Mac Office Software?

The top performers in our review are iWork, the Gold Award winner; Microsoft Office for Mac, the Silver Award winner; and ThinkFree Office, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a system to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of four Office Suites for Mac.

The first time you turn your Mac on it’s always a little exciting, whether you’re a longtime Mac user or a recent convert. You’re powering up a performance machine, just as turning over a Lamborghini can be very exciting. The supreme engineering and efficient design—the Mac world is at your fingertips. Just as a Lamborghini needs the best parts to run at its peak, you need the best Mac office software to get your work done.

We all have our reasons why we bought the Mac: design, portability, looks etc. You have to figure out how to get it to do what you need once you have it. Everyone these days needs a way to create content on their computer, regardless of its platform. The best word processors and spreadsheet programs for Mac should be the best for students and professionals alike. If you aren’t able to write a document or calculate funds with a spreadsheet, you aren’t utilizing some of the reasons computers have become so powerful these days. And if you aren’t using your new Mac to its fullest potential, shame on you. On this site you will find articles related to Mac office software as well as reviews to help you decide which product is right for you.

These days, everyone needs to be able to access, read, alter and interact with office documents in all walks of life. This can be tricky if you use an office Mac but home PC, especially for students and professionals. By not having the tools necessary to do this, you are effectively excluding yourself from the current computing universe. Don’t act like a hermit if you’re not one. Get out there and find the best way to step up and communicate with the outside world on your brand new Mac. These top products will help you connect: iWork and Microsoft Office for Mac are the obvious contenders, but don’t forget about ThinkFree Office and the others.

Mac Office Software: What to Look For

  • Wide array of features and tools
  • Large assembly of useful file formats
  • Across the board software integration with your Mac
  • Simple usage
  • Ample user support

At this point in the office software evolution, a general language has been developed. We all know that computers can cut & paste words in a document. All of us know that spreadsheets are great for keeping track of numerical data. Any good Mac office software should be familiar when you first open it. The details that extend beyond the pedestrian are what set these programs apart from one another. How much will this software do for you? Will it allow you to communicate with other computers regardless of platform?

Every Mac office software package for purchase will include a word processor for Mac. This is the basic building block for every suite. These programs are then judged by how far they extend beyond the primary task of word processing. Microsoft Word for Mac is the go-to staple in most offices that use iOS systems. The common language of office software that has developed over the years has informed you that you should have a spell check function. There should also be ways to alter the page margins. The newest generation, Office for Mac 2016, comes with a long list of new smart features and old essentials. But do these programs have mail merging capabilities that will automatically insert data from other sources into mass mailings? Will the spreadsheet program do various calculations with your data? Can you import a video into the presentation software for your slideshow? It’s important for you to find software that lets you work smarter rather than harder.

Being a Mac user, you are probably familiar with the woes of cross platform communication. These matters are felt even more keenly with Mac office software. A program that does everything you could conceive of in the office, including bring you coffee, is fantastic. But if you can’t use what you created outside of your computer environment, your software is no good. It is essential that you find a software package that will be able to juggle all the different elements you regularly use when creating content such as image files and PDF files. The best office suite for Mac can maintain file fidelity across iOS, Windows and other operating systems.

Apple develops products that fully integrate with one another. Use an iPhone to download programs on your MacBook. Update your contact list with your email contacts. All of these features are a contributing factor to why you use a Mac. Why should your office software be an exception? Can you use your software and your Mac together to streamline whatever it is you are doing?

Help & Support
It’s important to know how well the developer stands behind their product. Most software comes with a readme file or a user’s manual, but these shouldn’t really be necessary. But, if you want to learn more about using your software, educate yourself on the fine points of template formats, then does your software have your back? Does your software have the resources to turn to in your most dire hour? The better the rating, the better the support net. The best office suite for Mac should work with iOS’s user-friendly design without hiccups. That said, there’s no shame in asking for help when you need it.

Carefully considering all of these attributes provides you with a terrific example of office programs for Mac. A program should come loaded with features. These features should be easy to use or easy to learn how to use. Utilizing your software in a multiplatform world shouldn’t be a problem. Use whatever data you need, as you need it. If you run into problems, an answer should never be far away. If you want the best for your performance machine, check out our reviews of the Mac office software. Remember, a Lamborghini needs the best and so does your Mac.