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Maintenance Management Software Reviews

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Maintenance Management Software Review

Why Use Maintenance Management Software?

Maintaining facilities such as power plants and factories requires organization and scheduling. It is more than performing a walk-through to ensure everything is in working order and in its proper place. Proper management involves tracking the condition of a facility’s assets, work force, purchases, inventory and more. For some maintenance managers, it may even involve managing an entire facility as well as a large number of vehicles and pieces of machinery.

Maintenance management software helps you manage your maintenance tasks and plans in one central location. Computerized maintenance management software, also known as CMMS, allows you to enter information into one program that employees can access. CMMS is a comprehensible application that helps keep your maintenance costs low by enabling you to maintain the condition of your facilities and equipment, and prevent any injuries, hazards or other accidents from occurring. You can create and manage work orders and track your assets, budget and current inventory all within the application.

Additionally, this software helps you stay organized by filing, saving and recording important maintenance task files. Many applications provide scheduling tools to help you plan routine and preventative maintenance tasks, as well as the labor of your employees. On this site you will find articles about maintenance management software. In addition, take a look at our top three products: eMaint, Maintenance Connection and FaciliWorks.

Maintenance Management Software: What to Look For

When looking for the best facility management software, you want an application that offers a variety of tools to track, schedule and monitor maintenance tasks. This type of software is designed to help you keep on top of your work orders and other maintenance tasks. It should be easy to use and accessible on a variety of digital devices.

Here are the factors you should consider when looking for the best maintenance management software for your facility.

Maintenance & Management Options
This software is designed to help you maintain and manage your facility and your assets. The best applications allow you to track assets, inventory, costs, labor, work orders and more associated with your facility. You should look for an application that allows you to easily create, assign and submit work orders, as well as store information such as warranty information, part costs and recent work performed.

Preventative maintenance is also crucial. Keeping on top of your maintenance can save you a significant amount of money. Look for maintenance software that provides scheduling capabilities so you can schedule routine maintenance tasks. Additional tools that allow you to enter detailed information about the condition of your assets are also beneficial in this application.

All of the information you need about your facility should be easy to find and accessible only by authorized personnel. Many of the best applications provide permission settings that enable you to limit information from certain employees. Furthermore, mobile capabilities can be a large benefit, especially if you are constantly on the go and need information at a moment’s notice. Many of these applications also provide notifications when work orders or other information is submitted along with the ability to create extensive reports regarding the different areas of maintaining and managing a facility.

Help & Support
Email, telephone and live chat support options are the best ways to reach a support representative if questions or problems arise when using the software. You should also look for online resources to help you find answers and information on your own. Articles, videos, FAQs, blog posts, forums and white papers are just a few excellent resources that many companies offer on their websites.

When you don’t stay organized and on top of the necessary maintenance to manage your facility, a multitude of problems can occur. Maintenance management software can be an excellent companion to help you comprehensively maintain and manage your work environment.