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The Best Maintenance Management Software of 2017

Get Organized and Conquer Maintenance Management

The Best Maintenance Management Software of 2017
Maintenance Management Software
Maintenance Connection
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Maintenance Management Software Review

Why Use Maintenance Management Software?

To keep your company operating smoothly, you rely on organization, communication and equipment that's in top working order. Computerized maintenance management software, or CMMS as it's commonly known, is a centralized database of all the information you have on machinery, properties, equipment, materials, inventory, employees and more that your employees can access.

We chose software that integrates seamlessly with your processes, tracks your assets and their status, offers scheduling and auditing, and provides notifications to you and your staff to help with predictive maintenance. You won't find software here that limits your user base or that doesn't offer customer service when you need it.

Best CMMS for Any Industry

Industries that most often make use of maintenance management software include hospitality, governments, ports, manufacturing, equipment rental, property management, hospitals, schools and more. Whether you own a few apartment complexes, fleets of cars for rent or sale, a manufacturing facility, or a tool-rental company, you can make use of these software applications.

If flexibility and customization are important to you, eMaint is a great choice. You can choose the interface design, which means you can place often-used tools exactly where you want them. This customization makes the program even easier to use. Another maintenance management program that offers all of the tracking tools you could need to manage your business is Maintenance Connection. It lets you create custom reports, so you can see the status of any asset, work order or task.

Recommendation Best CMMS for Any Industry: eMaint, Maintenance Connection

Best Maintenance Management Software for Hotels

Customer satisfaction is what drives you to keep your hotel or resort in tip-top shape. To meet your goal, you need maintenance management software that helps you stay abreast of the maintenance services and schedules. Hippo CMMS offers inventory, asset and equipment, resource and vendor, and work order management. The mobile app replaces the traditional clipboard, so you can quickly assess the status of a work order, task or service, and change labor or priority on the fly.

Hotels depend on different people to keep everything operating smoothly, so you need a CMMS that's easy for anyone to learn and use. Infor EAM is a good solution when you want to customize what each group of employees has access to within the system. This customization makes it possible to keep the software simple for everyone to use.

Recommendation Best Maintenance Management Software for Hotels: Hippo CMMS, Infor EAM

Best Facility Maintenance Management Software for Schools

From general repairs and cleaning services to electrical maintenance and waste management, schools and universities have seemingly endless checklists of things that need to be done. It can be day-to-day operations or annual checks. Not only does the work need to be done by your staff, each work order, purchase order, vendor check-in and status update needs to be recorded and filed.

Facility maintenance management software, like NetFacilities, makes it easy to keep up with all the work that's been done, needs to be done and who's doing it. One of the biggest benefits of NetFacilities is its staff trains you and your employees to get the most out of its software.

Another application that understands the needs of large facility maintenance management is ManagerPlus. You can easily schedule preventive maintenance of equipment and monitor it to ensure tasks are completed by the due date.

Recommendation Best Facility Maintenance Management Software for Schools: NetFacilities, ManagerPlus

Maintenance Management Software Tools You Didn't Think You Needed

All maintenance management software helps you stay organized by filing, saving, and recording important maintenance task files, warranty information and permits. Not all include mobile apps, though. You can save a lot of time if you can walk your site with your tablet or smartphone in hand and CMMS at your fingertips. Most CMMS include this feature, but MicroMain offers it as an add-on module.

Voice recognition seems like an extraneous feature, but if you need to quickly enter data and move on to the next task, it can be a huge timesaver. Maintenance manager eMaint offers this rare feature for its mobile app.

As long as you choose a CMMS that's web-based, you won't have to worry about cross-platform compatibility. However, if you need a server-based system for your enterprise-level business, it's a good idea to choose maintenance management software that supports all configurations, such as Hippo CMMS, so you have more choice in whether your staff uses Mac or Windows operating systems, or a combination of the two.

Recommendation Maintenance Management Software Tools You Didn't Think You Needed: MicroMain, eMaint, Hippo CMMS

Simple scheduling is available in most CMMS, but you may also benefit from a separate task management system. For those who manage several properties, you may want to look into property management software, which is designed specifically for your industry. Each application is easy to use and scalable, so you can choose a CMMS that you know your employees will be able to quickly get the hang of, and it grows as your company does. Learn more about how you can benefit with the addition of a CMMS in our articles on maintenance management software.

Maintenance management software helps keep your maintenance costs low by enabling you to maintain the condition of your facilities and equipment, and prevent any injuries, hazards or other accidents from occurring. You can create and manage work orders and track assets, budgets and current inventory all within the application.