Let's Find The Right Maintenance Management Software Service For You

Maintenance Pro provides many tools such as asset tracking, preventive maintenance, inventory and work orders to enhance the efficiency of your facility and help you stay organized. This equipment maintenance software is a comprehensible application with a slick interface and many wizards that make using the software easy. Maintenance Pro is a good option for all types of maintenance such as general equipment maintenance, ground maintenance and facility maintenance.

With this CMMS system, you can track as many assets as you desire. You can store all information regarding each asset such as the manufacturer, serial number, images, warranty, etc. You can also enter meter readings and upload documents such as user guides and graphics.

You can generate, approve and deny work orders with this maintenance management solution. All work orders are stored in a detailed history so you have an audit trail available at all times. Additional features include preventive maintenance options.

You can schedule when maintenance tasks need to be completed. Color-coding tools are offered, which are helpful when you want to spot a task quickly. With this feature, you can color code tasks that need to be completed, those that will soon be ready for maintenance and more. This is an excellent way to prioritize your maintenance tasks.

Many of Maintenance Pro's interfaces are similar to those found on Microsoft Office products, which gives the software a familiar feel. Advanced search capabilities are also included, which allow you to find information quickly. Wizards help you enter crucial information in a quick and simple manner.

Maintenance Pro is not a web-based application. It must be downloaded and installed onto your workstation. It is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems, but it does not support Mac OS X operating systems, which can be a drawback. Also, there are some features that come standard with most CMMS, but with this maintenance management software, you may have to pay for add-on modules. For example, report designers, security, mobile access and technical support all cost extra.

Maintenance Pro has the ability to track the vital information you need to maintain a facility. It provides a detailed audit trail and a simple interface. It must be installed onto your computers so you will want to make sure your system meets all of its hardware requirements.

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