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PaperPort Professional 14 Review

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PROS / PaperPort Professional integrates with most common programs and cloud storage applications.

CONS / It takes a while to learn the many modules in this program.

 VERDICT / This may be the software for you if you need document management functions in addition to OCR, but be prepared to spend a little extra time learning to use it to its full potential.

Nuance’s PaperPort Professional is a popular resource, not only for imaging and PDF conversion of all kinds, but as a robust document management system. If it happens to be one of the work tools you're using, you may not know it also contains optical character recognition software.

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This OCR program only comes as an install for Windows computers. It does not have an app or any way to access your files except from the computer you download it on. We found the program was one of the more difficult ones in our review to download and set up. The program does not have a setup wizard. Instead, you can hover over the tools to see a brief description of what they are. We had to access the knowledgebase to learn how to use some of the tools.

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In accuracy tests, PaperPort Professional performed particularly well. It perfectly replicated and created text-searchable files, ranging from straight text in several different fonts to complex fliers containing tables and reverse type. We only found a few spacing errors when we converted the scan of a table to editable text.

PaperPort Professional is designed to be a central document repository. When you need to use its OCR function, you can easily scan new documents or add files from external sources. You can also apply metadata tags, outline regulatory issues affecting the document or set a date for permanent deletion. You can also specify the backup frequency for your files and destination folders.

Its features make it easy to integrate with frequently used applications or to select cloud storage as a backup option. While many OCR software packages in our review share these functions, PaperPort Professional stands out by integrating with Evernote, Google Docs, SharePoint, Publisher, Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and others. As a bonus, you can access most of these applications inside the program.

PaperPort Professional gives you the ability to convert files to searchable PDFs by clicking one button. You can also choose a combination of OCR and PDF conversion while organizing your documents into folders. Once a file is in the PDF format, you can merge it with other PDF files or separate the pages.

You can access a user guide directly from the application. You can find step-by-step tutorials and other helpful information using the knowledgebase. In addition to this in-software help, representatives are available by telephone and email.


Many features separate PaperPort Professional from other programs, making it competitive with the best OCR software available. The program allows you to accomplish many of your day-to-day tasks from inside the software, using the tools you already understand. It also provides you with easy cloud backup as well as multiple support resources. PaperPort Professional not only effectively performs OCR, it provides a complete document management tool for any size of business. It just may take you a little more time to learn to use all the tools effectively.

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