Pros / PDF Transformer+ provides exceptionally accurate OCR conversions.

Cons / You cannot access the software from mobile devices or tablets.

 Verdict / PDF Transformer+ performs with exceptional accuracy inside a well-designed interface, but it's one of the more complicated OCR programs.

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ is built around a unified interface, which makes it far easier to learn and use than its previous versions. However, it remains one of the more complicated OCR programs in our review. You must download this software before you can use it, limiting it to the Windows computer you load it on. It also lacks a setup wizard and helpful hints when you hover over tools. Instead, you must access the user guide to learn what each tool is and how to use it. Another thing that makes it less convenient than the best OCR software is its lack of mobile access.

At the same time, the interface has clean, clearly marked buttons on a single, Windows-style, ribbon menu, so using PDF Transformer+ is an intuitive exercise overall. The OCR software received high marks in our accuracy test sample – among the highest in our review. The software instantly converted our pages into recognizable and searchable text, duplicating the page layout and fonts. It even converted tables and maintained the formatting, which many of the other programs could not do. We never found any errors when we converted the scanned documents.

The software handles all your OCR needs, including document scanning and batch processing as well as editing with its markup tools. PDF Transformer+ also recognizes 190 languages while you are performing optical character recognition, which makes it great for multilingual businesses. Unlike with most other OCR applications, the interface itself can be activated in any of 16 different languages. You can convert your documents into not only searchable PDF files but into a host of MS Office, rich text and HTML formats.

The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on its optical character recognition software. The website includes email and phone contact information for its customer service and technical support representatives, as well as tutorials, FAQs and a user manual.

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Recent improvements have not only added a plus sign to the PDF Transformer name, they have also added a simpler-to-use interface and additional beneficial options, like running your scanner and exporting ePub files, features not included in the original software. Despite these improvements, it still comes with some difficulties that the best OCR software does not.

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