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Ability Office Review

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Ability Office offers a suite of five applications for a competitive price. You can perform all the basics, but the programs aren’t equipped with the same functionality as some other office software. This office suite is downloadable and is only for desktop use. There’s no web-based functionality or cloud storage access, but if you’re looking for a simple set of productivity applications and only need to access documents locally, Ability Office is a cost-effective solution.

This Microsoft Office alternative focuses on simplicity and ease of use. It includes Write, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database and PhotoPaint, and each program does exactly what its name suggests. The applications support most common file formats and also offer PDF export. However, some programs only support older file formats. For example, the database management application is only compatible with Microsoft Access 2003 and earlier. You’ll also notice that, while most files are basically compatible, some things don’t import and export between file types well or at all. For instance, style sheets, watermarks, page backgrounds, macros, revision tracking and advanced fill choices don’t import from Word or other word processors into Write. With Database, you cannot import or export forms, reports, macros, and data access pages to or from Microsoft Access, and many advanced functions and chart types aren’t supported in Spreadsheet. You will find a number of useful features, however, including spelling and grammar checking, vector drawing, pivot table creation, and interactive mail merge.

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It's important to note that there are no collaboration provisions in this software. You can’t edit or even view a document at the same time as a colleague, nor can you store or access documents in the cloud, so this software isn’t the best option for collaborative or remote work environments.

The standard license for Ability Office allows you to install the office suite on two computers and have two users for home or business. If your organization needs more than this, you can contact Ability Office sales and purchase multi-user licenses. Aside from a FAQs page, Ability Office only offers free support to those with registered copies of the latest version of the software, and then only via email or support ticket from within any of the Ability Office applications. If you have older versions of the software, this company requires you to upgrade to the latest version to receive support.

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