Pros / EasyOffice provides 19 applications with their office software suite, more than what is offered by any other suite.

Cons / The antivirus program is sub-par and does not compare to the current industry standard antivirus programs.

 Verdict / EasyOffice provides a truly comprehensive suite of applications suited to your home and office needs, though each of these software programs is fairly skeletal on feature offerings.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

There are a variety of affordable alternatives to joining the office software monopolies that exist on the market, but not many of them meet the demands of the modern business world. EasyOffice features all the major elements included in competent home office software suites at a fraction of the cost of big name office programs. This software certainly delivers the productivity basics needed in today’s workplace, though it is lacking some key elements.

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Software Included

EasyOffice Premium promises everything at a low price – office, server, accounting and even antivirus software. However, despite this focus on offering a comprehensive assortment of applications, the feature offerings are anything but complete. Their antivirus, project management and graphics suite hardly warrant their titles as we found them to be quite basic in feature offerings. To be honest, an antivirus program included in an office software suite isn’t the best route to go with computer protection. Stick with the specialists in that regard. In comparison, the word processing software in EasyOffice is functional and straightforward.

Word Processor Features

EasyOffice’s flagship programs, EasyWord and EasySpreadSheet, follow the same universal standards of design and feature sets as with all other word processing and spreadsheet editing applications. To us, this ensures that the applications are familiar and easy to use. Yet despite this, EasyWord and EasySpreadSheet both suffer from unnecessarily convoluted dropdown menus that are anything but easy to deal with. But, if you don’t mind digging around a bit, both programs will become perfectly functional after you familiarize yourself with them.

EasyOffice won’t dish out too many compatibility problems. EasyWord can open and edit both DOC and DOCX files without any hiccups. EasySpreadSheet also reads XLS and XLSX files. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that EasyOffice won’t allow you to save documents into Microsoft 2007 file types (DOCX, XLSX, etc.). Instead, you have to save edited items as standard DOC and XLS files.

EasyOffice features productivity tools both large and small. In our test runs, all of them were functional, though few of them were exceptional. The most useful member of the EasyOffice suite was EasyPDF – a straightforward PDF converter and editor. With EasyPDF you can turn any document into a PDF and even add text and other elements to existing PDF files. EasyOffice’s email client, EasyMail, includes a calendar and scheduler that performs well. You won’t find any bells or whistles in EasyMail’s menus, but for basic contact management and planning it will meet most users’ needs.

Spreadsheet Builder Features

Given that every product included under the EasyOffice umbrella has “easy” in its name, we expect superior ease of use. EasyMail, EasyPresentation, EasyImage and EasyPad, to name a few, were nearly identical to other office programs in both design and layout. So, they accomplished their goal to a degree in creating an easy-to-use home and office solution.

Presentation Creator Features

Email support, FAQs and a downloadable manual are available. The FAQs thankfully include fixes to known bugs, but the manual is fairly basic in design and hardly a worthwhile resource for the needs of users. If you’re looking for an active community, EasyOffice is not the ideal choice. But they at least offer basic support for your needs.


Considering that EasyOffice is available at a low price, it is quite a deal. It is a functional office suite complete with a word processor, spreadsheet editor, presentation software and mail client similar to other office software you’re likely already familiar with. We were impressed by the attention EasyOffice gave to file format compatibility and found the core elements of the office suite useful as well as easy to use. Yet, they have a lot of work to do with catching up remotely to the competition in features and application offerings.

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