Base sales force automation software uses an interactive and graphic interface, customizable sales settings, and drag-and-drop functionality for easy access to sales information.

This sales force software and CRM uses highly visual displays to show different sales touch points and sales funnels in real time. Base offers different filter options so you can view sales opportunities and drag and move deals from one stage to the next. With Base, you can customize each stage of the sales cycle to adhere to your company’s own sales structure and perform sales projections for closings based on sales stages.

Sales managers can use Base to assign leads, track the conversion flow and forecast sales. With Base you can set, track and manage sales goals. You can create a visual organization chart and adjust employee permission levels as necessary.

Base automates the data entry process by creating a contact card, and it allows you to create associated deals, schedule tasks or list associated notes. When you open a contact card, you can see call history, notes and contact details for an individual or related individuals connected to a particular company. This connectivity between individual and associated accounts gives you more depth and information to close sales. In addition, Base can record calls for playback and automatically sync past emails to a client’s contact card.

Managers can use Base’s sales force software to gain visibility into different sales regions and manage sales goals based on geographic areas. You can choose from standard or customizable reports to view sales performance and determine action items.

The Base sales software and CRM system is available via a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, where you can quickly view and edit information while traveling. For security, Base automatically backs up all accounts hourly on multiple Amazon servers nationwide. Even if a server fails, the data is accessible by account users. This sales software also uses data encryption to protect data, even when you're connected to mobile devices.

Base might not have all the bells and whistles of some larger sales software options, but many users have found the simple interface easy to use and Base’s customer service helpful.