Nutshell CRM integrates full Google App connectivity into its platform, which allows for more robust sales force automation software capabilities.

The Nutshell CRM sales automation software has access to many Google apps that automate several sales and marketing processes, from acquiring leads to closing sales. Nutshell uses a Google mail gadget that allows you to see Nutshell contacts in-line with emails. Nutshell supports single sign-on for easier access to the software, and once you sign in, you can jump back and forth between Nutshell and Gmail. This software also supports social media integration, with Twitter stats and bios displayed in accounts and contact information.

Besides its integration with Google Apps, Nutshell is integrated with several third-party apps and services. For customer support, this sales software uses Zendesk to track customer support conversations with links to tickets. MailChimp is an application that helps you create email campaigns, exporting Nutshell contacts into MailChimp lists based on mailing criteria. This feature allows sales teams to send auto-responses to help guide customers during the sales process. Quote Roller helps sales team members craft and design a quote or proposal, with options to add a product catalog or send information to a specific contact list. RightSignature is an application that aids sales teams in building, sending and tracking the status of contracts. Nutshell's software can also integrate with Olark, a real-time chat service, and chats can be saved as activities.

With Nutshell's sales automation software, you can create a personalized web form and start importing leads through Wufoo. This application allows you to customize fields and import contacts. Nutshell integrates with Microsoft Exchange as well, allowing you to schedule meetings on an Outlook calendar. A software tool, Zapier, acts as the intermediary between Nutshell and its several different services, allowing for varied functionality like creating new contacts from new MailChimp subscribers.

This software does not offer customization options. This sales software is ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses that need convenient mobile access and the ability to quickly respond to customer needs.

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