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TimeTap Business Review

PROS / You can create customized forms for your online booking website with this scheduling application.

CONS / It only integrates with Google Calendar and social media accounts.

 VERDICT / TimeTap offers a variety of features and unique tools to help you schedule appointments and track relevant client information. We recommend this platform for small and medium business owners looking for a scheduling solution.

TimeTap is one of the best staff scheduling software platforms on the market today. This scheduling program has a strong feature set, including unique features like customizable booking forms and apps for both Android and iOS. TimeTap earns high scores in our ease of use tests for both the client and administrative platform, earning this scheduling software a top spot and the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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  1. This score reflects how easy it is for clients to set up, change and cancel appointments.
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Client Experience

TimeTap, online scheduling software, offers five different levels of scheduling software, so you can pick the level that works best for your company. For our review, we evaluated the Business Team plan. This plan offers a 30-day free trial, so you can test it and all of its features before you commit to a paid plan.

With TimeTap's Business Team plan, you can run your software in five different locations and allow five staff members access. While five locations is more than most companies on our lineup offer, providing only five staff members administrative access is one of the lowest allowances of users we saw. This is a big drawback if you have a large staff that requires access to your scheduling platform. If you want to add more locations or staff members, you can add five at a time for a fee.

When we tested this platform by making appointments just as clients would, we had little trouble. TimeTap earned a 95 percent score in our client scheduling tests. We were able to set up appointments, even in different time zones, and pay ahead of our appointments when we booked online.

While TimeTap allows you to set up recurring appointments, it is more like setting up multiple appointments at one time. To set up recurring appointments, you must individually select each date. This means your clients cannot automatically reserve one time slot, and it is time consuming and cumbersome to click ahead months into the future to reserve the desired slot.

Your clients can book and cancel appointments online through a desktop or mobile platform. This service is mobile friendly and even includes apps for both Android and iOS systems. When clients book an appointment, they can access intake, or pre-appointment, forms and set up text reminders to alert them of an upcoming appointment. You can even choose to require clients to upload completed intake forms to your website before their appointment is confirmed. Your clients also have the option of adding themselves to the waitlist if your current appointment calendar is full.

Administrative Tools & Experience

TimeTap gives you administrative tools that provide levels of customization not found in other scheduling programs on our lineup. With this application, you can create custom pre-booking forms specific to your business and goals. As part of these forms, you can create mandatory fields, which customers must complete before moving on to other questions. More importantly, this application gives you the option of implementing screening questions, which helps determine a potential client's eligibility before they book an appointment with you. You can even add hints and labels to your customized forms to help your clients as they complete each form.

Another unique feature of TimeTap is its security customization. With this tool, you, as the administrator, control how much or how little each member of your staff can see in the scheduling platform. For example, maybe more senior employees are allowed access to client history, while new employees can only see the group calendars.

Through this platform, your staff can set up automatic payment scheduling and payment collection. These features also track invoice information, so you can see who has already paid and who still needs to pay at the time of their appointment.

Overall, the administrative platform was easy to use, earning a score of 95 percent on our administrative interface tests. We had no trouble setting up an account and managing appointments. Though this platform was easier than most to navigate than other applications, we had to consult the help section to find certain features, which took away from this platform's intuitiveness. We had little trouble embedding our scheduling system within our website and social media accounts.

Program Integrations

One area where TimeTap struggles compared to other top scheduling programs is with integrations. It only integrates with Google Calendar and social media accounts. It does not work with Microsoft Outlook or GoToMeeting. It also lacks the ability to merge with CRM programs or accounting solutions, so you have to manage these aspects of your business manually.


TimeTap is a powerful scheduling tool. It offers unique features not found in other meeting schedulers. We liked that this application lets you decide who on your staff can access each area of the platform and that you can create custom forms. However, it is not strong in integrations, and it allows a surprisingly low number of staff members access to the platform – only five. This is likely its biggest drawback, as TimeTap performed to our expectations and above in nearly every other area.

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