Pros / VIP Task Manager Professional has a great contact management system built in.

Cons / The interface of the application is unappealing but the functionality works fine.

 Verdict / A great application for keeping track of personnel and their timesheets.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer fits the criteria for our lineup. The original review is below, but check out our current top products about Scheduling Software here.

VIP Task Manager comes with a full complement of features for time management, project management and contact management. The smart toolbars provides flexibility, but is difficult to restore the interface to its original state.

This review is based on the client side of things. VIP Task Manager Professional is intended for corporate use. The interface is not that attractive, but the underlying functionality and ease use overshadows the lack of color. The intended audience is from educational, government, remote workers and work groups. Column headers are a bit crowded in the task list pane, which is the default pane. The software is designed without unnecessary whistles and bells.

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Client Experience

VIP Task Manager is a high end product and can be more difficult, but is best used for teamwork. Where coordinating tasks between (often remote) workers is a priority, VIP Task Manager comes to the rescue. As a business solution it offers desktop use, use over a network or even across the internet. Regarding task management VIP Task Manager Professional version scheduling software offers the following:

  • Create custom fields as well as to change color of priority.
  • Create custom fields in order to determine costs or perform other calculations of a specific task. This feature is ideal for determining costs of material and labor.
  • Different views of calendar.
  • A tree view breaks down a project in detail.
  • Calendar, Task Tree and Task List modes assists you in organizing tasks, which help to integrate the work group into one team.
  • Document sharing allows you to have the latest version of a specific document.

Administrative Tools & Experience

Importing data from Microsoft Outlook is enabled, as well as data from previously saved VIP Task Manager Professional databases. Data can be saved in the database, with exporting functions to software such as Excel and Internet Explorer (or other Web Browsers). The best task management solutions such as VIP Task Manager allows you to handle simple tasks and to streamline organizing the task flow. The process manager allows the task flow to become part of the process, which is tracked by the Process Manager. The Process Manager can control multiple processes, by providing the necessary tools.

The idea of a paperless office comes to mind evaluating VIP Task Manager. The need for document exchange within a team allows you to:

  • Identify problems and bottlenecks.
  • Eliminate the need for a separate document server.
  • Have relevant documents at hand for every task.

VIP Task Manager provides the essential tool for every organized person and profitable business. Replacing a paper calendar with a calendar tool show all the tasks in a flexible and reasonably attractive way. The calendar maps your time relating to specific tasks either personal or professional. The problem is that not all calendars support multiple users, but VIP Task Manager allows a client server structure, which allows sharing of information on the calendar.

The electronic sharing of information is an essential tool, which is fast (real time) and effective. VIP Task Manager will keep up with happenings within the organization and work group. In practice problems can be identified well in advance, by staying in touch. This feature is a very strong management tool. By using a few minutes a calendar can be prepared which in part the work team will use. This includes a few steps:

  • A list of tasks, which are important, should be created.
  • Priorities should be set.
  • Determine if there are any subsequent tasks as result of the first.
  • Set the required task duration.
  • Share it with the work group.

Program Integrations

The shortcuts needed are sufficient for everyday use organizing tasks. The use of the Tab Key is also useful allowing you to easily switch between different fields of interest. VIP Task Manager Professional scheduling software is also available in foreign languages such as German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Croatian and Russian.


VIP Task Manageris easy to install. Several installation options are provided since there are server and client applications. Both can run from a single stand-alone personal computer. Tasks during installation include setting up a database (and its location), finding the server and restarting the operating system. It is recommended that the option to start with windows automatically should be selected. This eases finding the server. Even where both the server and client are installed on a single machine, VIP Task Manager Professional is light on system resources.

VIP Task Manager Professional Version 4.1 Visit Site