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Fade In Review

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PROS / Fade In will exchange files with almost every other commonly used screenwriting application, and it is available for every major operating system.

CONS / If you're used to working in older screenwriting applications, you'll have to spend some time getting used to Fade In's writing workflow.

 VERDICT / Professionals and amateurs alike will appreciate Fade In as a rising star in the screenwriting world because of its clean interface, useful features and remarkable flexibility and compatibility.

Fade In is screenwriting software that was developed by Kent Tessman, a filmmaker who was unhappy with the existing crop of screenwriting applications. What he created is a powerful, straightforward application that includes all the useful features screenwriters need and excludes the superfluous tools that tend to gunk up lesser screenwriting applications. The result is a modern, intuitive and professional alternative to the ubiquitous and often overrated names among the best screenwriting software we compared in our review.

  1. The minimum amount of memory required for the software to run properly.
  2. 4 Fade In
    512 MB
  3. 512 MB
  4. 512 MB
  5. 512 MB
  6. Category Average
    563.20 MB

This screenwriting program is both familiar and distinct. The familiar aspects come in the writing process itself. Writing a screenplay is simpler than most people believe. There are only a handful of elements that you have to master, and the learning curve is quite shallow. If you've ever written a screenplay before, you'll be quite pleased with how intuitive and uncomplicated Fade In is. Its developer has stripped away all of the unwanted clutter that gets in the way of writing while retaining the features that writers actually use to craft movies.

The first difference between Fade In and other screenwriting applications you'll notice is the fact that Fade In's interface is dressed mostly in black and dark greys. This may seem like an inconsequential style choice, but it's a bit more than that. Writers stare at computer screens for hours at a time, and there are times when it seems like all the blank white pages begin to burn holes in your eyes and brain. The black interface is much easier on the eyes, and if you're a professional writer who has logged thousands of hours behind a keyboard and in front of a blinking cursor, you'll definitely appreciate it.

Another major difference between Fade In and other omnipresent applications is that Fade In saves the screenplays you create as Fountain files, rather than a proprietary file format. Simply put, Fountain files are plain text files that you can open and edit with any text editor. This seemingly simple feature changes nearly everything. It means that you don't have to have Fade In installed on a computer to edit your screenplays with it. It also means that you can import files you create in Fade In into any screenplay writing software with no problems. All the elements and formatting will remain intact no matter where you take the file.

Additionally, Fade In has the ability to open and export your scripts in the proprietary formats used by its competition. You can open and save screenplays crafted in Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Scrivener and Celtx. And of course, you can open any plain text file and any Fountain file that may have been created with applications such as Slugline and Storyist. Fade In is by far the most compatible screenwriting application we reviewed.

Following the theme of compatibility, Fade In is available for every popular operating system, both desktop and mobile. You can get this screenwriting application for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as iOS and Android devices. No other product in our review of the best screenwriting software is compatible with every single one of these platforms.


Fade In is a case study in giving customers exactly what they want. In this case, screenwriters want a simple, powerful program to helps them create their screenplays without getting in the way of their creative processes. Furthermore, this application plays nicely with nearly every other screenwriting application and is available on every major computing platform used by the English-speaking world. Fade In is truly a great buy that no screenwriter could or would regret.