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Ability Office Spreadsheet is part of the Ability Office software suite, and it makes a solid alternative to Microsoft Excel. There are different editions of this office suite, each with different price tags and user licensing requirements, but Spreadsheet is not available as a stand-alone download. It either comes with the standard Ability Office version, along with Write and Presentation, or with the Professional edition, which also includes Database and Photopaint.

This spreadsheet software opens and writes most common file types, including XLS and XLSX. However, it doesn’t support all Excel features and functions, so some files may not import or render properly, particularly complex spreadsheets. Conditional formatting from other file types does not import into Spreadsheet. The same applies to pivot tables, a number of functions, custom chart types and macros. Ability Office Spreadsheet cannot open password-protected files either.

Although it has some compatibility limitations, this software is sufficient for the majority of spreadsheet users. For easy web publishing, it converts your worksheets to HTML and can also convert to PDF. A particularly useful feature for large worksheets is the ability to print a defined range so you don’t waste paper and toner printing stacks of worksheet pages you don’t actually need. Spreadsheet also lets you include charts, graphics and animations in your worksheets. The formula library is fairly basic, and if you’re a power user, you’ll notice the lack of more complex options, 3D displays and arrays.

This is a desktop application and isn’t built for collaboration. However, you can save and retrieve documents in the cloud with Dropbox, so basic collaboration is possible but limited. You can’t edit a document at the same time as somebody else and have all the changes appear until you both save and reopen the file. You can’t edit simultaneously in real time, although you can leave comments and see changes.

Email support is only available if you’re running the latest version of Ability Office Spreadsheet. If you have an older version, you have to pay to upgrade to the newer version before you can get email assistance. There’s no telephone support available, but there is a FAQs page on the website, and online self-help is available from within the spreadsheet application.