Calc is the spreadsheet software included with LibreOffice. It’s a popular choice for academic, home and business users looking for an inexpensive spreadsheet program because it’s open source. The whole office suite it comes in is free and doesn’t have any licensing restrictions.

This is a desktop-based program and doesn’t offer collaboration or easy sharing features, so you can't work on a spreadsheet as a team or see real-time simultaneous edits. You can access files in cloud storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive using LibreOffice’s Remote Files feature. This remote access feature is also compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Notably, however, it isn’t compatible with other popular cloud services like Box and DropBox.

Calc is compatible with most common file formats and can read and write Microsoft Excel files. However, more complex Excel spreadsheets may not render correctly, with some functions and features lacking support in Calc. This spreadsheet software can also read Apple Numbers files, including early iWorks formats. It supports PDF, HTML and CSV formats for sharing and web publishing.

There are numerous templates in the software, and it also lets you import templates from other sources and supports downloads from the LibreOffice template library. You can add a variety of charts, including contemporary 3D models, and inset images and graphics into your worksheets for a professional look and data visualization.

The software has an extensive library of more than 500 formulas, including many for advanced functions, so it can meet the mathematical data needs of the vast majority of spreadsheet users, including power users. For new users, there are a number of wizards and tutorials that provide step-by-step guidance, from the basics to advanced techniques. A scenario manager provides advanced situational analysis and what-if forecasting. There’s also DataPilot, which lets you pull raw data from compatible databases.

As this is open-source software, it lacks live chat, email and telephone support. However, as part of the LibreOffice suite, it has an active online community. There is also a substantial self-help section on its website, with product documentation and installation instructions, and you can make use of the in-program wizards for guided tutorials.

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