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WordPerfect Quattro Pro is spreadsheet software that isn’t available as a stand-alone program. Instead, you have to purchase it as part of the Corel WordPerfect office software suite, which includes a word processor and presentation maker, among other things. There is no subscription package, nor is there a free option, but there are three different editions available for purchase: Home & Student, Standard, and Professional, which all carry a high price tag compared to many other suites and spreadsheet programs. 

Quattro is compatible with some common file formats, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of simply opening an Excel file in Quattro, you have to first convert the Excel file into a format that Quattro understands, using the file conversion utility. This is somewhat cumbersome, but if you don’t need frequent compatibility with other file formats, Quattro is still a solid choice. Specialist companies, such as law firms, may have digital files that are decades old, and Quattro opens these files effortlessly, even IBM DCA files and Lotus WK4 formats.

This spreadsheet software cannot convert formulas other than basic arithmetic, so spreadsheets with anything more mathematically complex don't import too well. This particular spreadsheet application is desktop-based and doesn’t offer any collaborative options. You can’t share documents via cloud storage, and there is no simultaneous multi-user editing ability, although the program does work with Microsoft SharePoint.

While compatibility isn’t as straightforward between Quattro Pro and Excel files as it is in some other spreadsheet programs, this software does offer a variety of useful features, including QuickFit, which automatically adjusts spreadsheet details to fit neatly into the space available. This is particularly useful when, for example, you’re exporting data for a chart into WordPerfect as part of the report or into Presentations to provide facts and figures for the visual representation.

There are plenty of templates and chart options at your disposal. Both 2D and 3D charts are available. You can make use of the Perfect Expert wizard to help you create spreadsheets and input data and formulas. Quattro Pro also includes the Chart Expert wizard and the QuickChart tool, which helps you quickly pull spreadsheet data into a clear and attractive chart.

Because Quattro Pro is not cloud-based or web-based but is instead part of a relatively insular office suite, you won’t find any add-ons or sharing options. There is, however, a robust support system, including live chat, telephone and email support. You can also find extensive self-service support options, such as a patches and updates page, an extensive knowledgebase, a learning webinar library, and a collection of tutorials and tips.