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Excel Office Online Review

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PROS / All spreadsheet programs can use Excel files which makes large projects easy to complete.

CONS / The formula interface isn't intuitive.

 VERDICT / You can't go wrong with Excel if you're working on a project with multiple users.

Microsoft Excel receives the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for the best spreadsheet software. You can purchase Excel on its own, or as part of the Microsoft Office suite, which may include Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Publisher – depending on the package you purchase. Read below about the features and options that have made Microsoft Excel the natural industry leader.


Since Excel is the best spreadsheet software on the market, it sets the standard for other products to follow. Most other spreadsheet applications ensure they are compatible with Excel workbooks. Excel files can be saved in several formats, including .xls and .xlxs. Excel can be used on both PC and Mac devices, including laptops and smart phones.

As with other Microsoft Office programs, Excel comes with access to SkyDrive. Once you download the app to all of your Windows compatible electronic devices, you can instantly save, share and access files between all of your devices. You can securely share Excel workbooks, spreadsheets and files with others, and even open and edit them simultaneously in real time.


Microsoft Excel comes with over 1,000 templates, so you can create professional and impressive charts, graphs and spreadsheets for any business or personal need. With a built-in chart recognition feature, Excel can analyze the type of chart you need for your project based on the information you input. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures your finished project reflects the expertise and professionalism of your company.

 You can preview your work in a variety of formats. If you find a chart that looks great, simply click to accept it. If you decide to change the data, or even the graphics, another simple click will allow you to edit quickly and preview again before you make a final decision. Excel also uses animation to help you more clearly view and analyze data so you can be sure it is all accurate.

If you need to analyze data from multiple workbooks, Excel allows you to view each workbook in its own separate window. This allows you to easily toggle between spreadsheets and compare Excel workbooks side - by - side as you work. You can even connect data from multiple tables to show correlations between important information.

You have the ability to insert important information from online data sources onto your Excel spreadsheet. With the Webservice function, you can easily include current stock quotes, Twitter feeds, weather and much more.


Excel has a function insert tab that puts formulas into your Excel spreadsheet without requiring you to type out each tedious symbol. You can decide between conditional, statistical, financial, conversions and many more formulas. Excel can look over each of your formulas for errors, just as it looks for spelling mistakes.

Trigonometry and math problems are easy to compute in Excel with a single click of a button. If you feel yourself becoming a little overwhelmed by the process, you can follow the step-by-step instructions found under the help tab and on Microsoft's website.

Printing and Publishing

Excel makes it easy to adjust margins and choose a color scheme for your Excel spreadsheet that reflects your company's image without having to print a practice sheet. The print preview tab in Excel lets you see what your printed work will look like before you print or publish it. You have the option of printing only selected areas from an Excel workbook, or the entire document.

With a single click, you can embed Excel spreadsheets, graphs and data on your company's website or your personal homepage. Share impressive data on your favorite social networking site with just a few clicks. You can even send files to friends, clients and coworkers through Microsoft's SkyDrive.

SkyDrive is Microsoft's free cloud storage, an online service where you can save Excel, Word and even photo files without taking up hard drive space on your computer or laptop. You can access your files anytime from any computer, laptop or smart phone with internet connection. Downloading the SkyDrive app to your electronic devices creates your own personal network so you can share Excel spreadsheets, workbooks and projects instantly. You'll be able to pull up your spreadsheet data for clients or business meetings – no matter where your day takes you. Access to SkyDrive is an added bonus that really makes Excel stand out in the field of spreadsheet software.


Microsoft has extensive support options for all of its products, including Excel. You can contact Microsoft via email and telephone. You can access tutorials, user manuals, FAQs and an online forum - specifically created for Excel users - through the Microsoft website. Additional resources are available through Facebook and the Microsoft store.




Excel has set the industry standard for spreadsheet software. This means Excel will always be compatible with other spreadsheet software and is compatible with almost any electronic device. Excel provides the tools to create impressive, easy-to-read and visually appealing data presentations that will impress your clients and business partners.