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RationalSurvey Basic Review

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PROS / This online survey creator offers advanced features, like a Net Promoter Score and offline collection.

CONS / Using RationalSurvey is cumbersome, especially as this survey builder adds questions to the survey in reverse order.

 VERDICT / RationalSurvey offers a full set of survey-creation tools. However, using the software is difficult and there is a steep learning curve, so you have to spend some time learning the software before you can build surveys.

RationalSurvey is a basic survey software application with three levels of service. The basic package is best for meeting the needs of small businesses and is available for a low monthly fee or a yearly subscription. It is a streamlined service that offers unique features, such as the ability to fully customize your survey with your own branding icons.

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Making a survey with RationalSurvey is less intuitive than many of the other services we reviewed. The icons for building a survey are not clearly marked; for example, the icon for adding a page is simply a page with a green plus sign next to it, while the icon for adding a question is a square with a plus sign in it. They look very similar and there is no information indicative of which icon generates which action. The only way to find out is to click the icon or hover over it for a few seconds.

Another time-consuming drawback of this survey maker is that when adding questions, the survey puts them in reverse order. To remedy this, you either need to add questions in the opposite way you want them to appear in the survey or click and drag them one by one into the desired order. Even when clicking and dragging, there are extra steps involved as you have to individually select which question you want to reorder.

While RationalSurvey offers most tools that you need for gathering valuable insight from your key audiences, it lacks a template for a Net Promoter Score and offline collection. It provides a number of distribution methods, including Facebook integration, which makes publishing and distributing surveys quick and easy.

Respondent feedback of this survey platform was below average. Respondents reported slow loading times and that images included in the survey overlapped space in other questions. Other feedback included that the font was small and difficult to read even on a full-screen desktop. The Powered by RationalSurvey logo also received criticism for taking up too much room and being in a spot where respondents would naturally assume the Next button would be.

This online survey creator provides customer support in the form of email and phone support. When we tested these functions, the company was quick to respond with helpful answers. One useful feature missing is a searchable FAQs page and blog. A blog is useful for tutorials and information on building the best surveys that are most likely to succeed.


While RationalSurvey provides a full set of features, it is one of the least-intuitive services we tested, and it received some of the lowest marks in our hands-on respondent tests. It offers good online survey creation tools at a low price, so it's a good value option if you have more time to invest in learning the product.