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StatPac 12 Review

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PROS / StatPac has a wide range of tools it uses to build and analyze surveys.

CONS / You'll have to spend several hours with the program just to get a basic understanding.

 VERDICT / StatPac is sophisticated marketing survey software, but it is a difficult survey maker to learn.

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StatPac is respected and reputable marketing survey software, but if you've never worked with this program before, you may spend too much of your time learning how to use it. The questionnaire and analytical tools are robust, but the design is confusing and counterintuitive. Eventually, you will learn how to use this survey solution, and once trained, you can create helpful shortcuts to speed you along.

If you use StatPac to create a survey, you'll need to expect to spend an hour or more programming questions and answers. StatPac's interface requires a basic understanding of the system's coding. You can follow the tutorial for help learning it, but you won't learn everything. Some of the coding information is not explained well in the tutorial.

Fortunately, you can speed up the process by uploading a survey from a Word file. The system requires some subsequent data input for it to understand questions, answers and survey logic, but it's much faster than typing in every question, especially if you use a lot of multiple-choice questions. Multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions require data input for every answer, and if you use an outside file, you'll save a little time.

StatPac favors print and interview surveys, but the system does include a web solution. You can create surveys for computer and mobile browsers and choose to host them on your site or use StatPac's servers.

If the tutorial does not provide enough information, you can browse the user guides and manuals. However, the best help comes from a person, and StatPac offers customer service by email and telephone. Because StatPac's interface is so difficult to learn at first, you'll exhaust all of the support resources available, so it's good that StatPac offers so many help options.


StatPac is marketing survey software made to the standards of professional researchers. It offers powerful survey and data tools, but it requires a lot of training before you'll be able to effectively use it. The interface is clumsy and requires too much data entry, but there are shortcuts to speed up the survey creation process. StatPac is a sophisticated survey maker, but expect far more training with it compared to other marketing survey software.