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SurveyMonkey Gold Review

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PROS / SurveyMonkey Gold provides skip-page logic.

CONS / This software does not have an offline collection feature that automatically syncs your data.

 VERDICT / SurveyMonkey deserves its good reputation and is a top provider of survey software. It offers skip-page logic, a detailed blog, and it gives you the ability to make surveys your own by removing the SurveyMonkey branding.

SurveyMonkey is a popular name in survey creation software and for good reason. It offers a variety of services that help you create, distribute and analyze the best surveys for your business. SurveyMonkey survey software is designed to create a positive experience both for you when you design the surveys and for your key audiences when they take them. Its ease of use and great package of survey-creation tools earn it our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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The SurveyMonkey's most popular gold package is designed to meet your needs as a small business owner and is available for as a yearly subscription, which helps keep your costs low, as month-to-month rates are generally higher.

Business Experience

This survey creator offers a variety of tools that enable you to easily survey your audience and analyze the data you obtain. With SurveyMonkey Gold, you have access to over 180 survey templates that cover a variety of topics, such as employee and customer satisfaction and market research. There are also surveys designed based on your industry. For example, if you are a health care provider or nonprofit organization, there are surveys built to meet your business' needs.

This survey builder also offers Net Promoter Scores and skip-page logic. You can also fully customize your surveys by choosing colors, formatting text, removing SurveyMonkey's logo and adding your own branding.

Creating a survey using this software is easy. The icons are clearly marked and labeled; each option provides a short description of what each type of question does and how it looks when you insert it into your survey. The survey you create appears in the center of the page, so you can see your survey being built as you add questions and make edits.

When you are done making a survey, distribution is simple, and you have many options. You can simply generate a link that can be shared via email or social media channels, or you can send an email directly from the SurveyMonkey platform; this option gives you more control over tracking your respondents. You can also embed your survey directly into your website so visitors to your site can participate.

Unfortunately, SurveyMonkey doesn't give you the ability to generate a QR code, which makes sharing surveys to mobile devices a simple process. Another feature missing is offline collection. While you can collect surveys offline, you have to enter data manually. When we evaluated offline collection features, we set specific criteria for offline collections that would automatically sync your data when you returned to an internet connection.

Respondent Experience

SurveyMonkey performed above average in our hands-on tests. The layout of its surveys are clean and professional, and respondents reported that navigating through the survey was a quick and hassle-free process. Load times were also reported to be faster than average, and no glitches or bugs were reported when the surveys loaded.

SurveyMonkey Gold provides many tools to help you enhance your respondents' experience. One of these tools is partial data submission, which allows those taking your survey to send in their responses, even if they haven't completed all of the questions. Another feature our survey takers liked was how the application presents the questions by having multiple questions on a single page rather than requiring the user to click through after each response.

Two drawbacks, though, are that SurveyMonkey Gold lacks a progression bar and save and continue. Save and continue is useful, especially for longer surveys. It allows respondents to save their progress and return to the survey later. The only way this program allows respondents to save their work is if you allow them to edit their responses; otherwise, your respondents must either fully complete the survey or send it in as a partially finished survey.

Help & Support

With its gold package, SurveyMonkey provides you 24/7, expedited email support. Though you do not receive phone support with this package, the support team provides quick responses that are the next best thing. There is also a detailed FAQs page, a searchable help center and a blog. The blog has posts that provide tips on how to build better surveys and ways to ensure that your surveys are being taken. These tools help you make the most out of your investment in survey software and the time you invest in creating surveys.


SurveyMonkey is a household name in survey software and deserves its widespread reputation by providing services for small business owners and their consumers. It is a solid choice and a top performer in survey makers.