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TimePilot PC Review

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PROS / This software tracks and calculates California overtime.

CONS / You cannot automatically track time-off accruals.

 VERDICT / While it lacks some important administrator tools, TimePilot PC excels at being easy to use for employees, making it a good choice for time card software.

TimePilot PC is an employee tracking software solution for small businesses. This time clock system is set up on a designated PC, creating a simple time clock for employees to quickly punch in and out for the day. The time clock looks like a physical time clock and works in much the same way. Employees simply type in their unique employee ID number and click the In or Out button to designate where they are in their workday. This employee time clock is one of the simplest applications to use among our reviewed time clock systems.

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We had some difficulty navigating the administrator portal. The spreadsheet layout is confusing with too much information crammed into a single field. It isn't easy to click between needed fields, and while functions are labeled, they use confusing names.

Additionally, the process for adding employees took longer than it did for other services we reviewed. However, it was easy to create payroll reports and export them to CSV or XLS files, which can both be used in Microsoft Excel.

Two important features included with TimePilot PC that aren't available in other time tracker applications are the ability to track California overtime and shift differentials. At the end of your pay period, you can save payroll information into either an XLS or CSV file to be sent along to your payroll service or exported to your accounting software.

You can also set up holiday pay. However, this program does not automatically track accrued time off for your employees, whereas most of the applications on our lineup automatically track time off. It does, however, track the hours and attendance of both hourly and salary employees.

While TimePilot PC lacks some tools on the administrator side, it has most of the tools we looked for with regard to the employee interface. Clocking in and out is very straightforward. Our testers had no questions on how to use this software from an employee perspective. If you have employees who are not necessarily technologically inclined, this application may be a good choice for your company.

One feature that we didn't see was a way for employees to easily request time off. Unlike other solutions, TimePilot doesn't have a designated time-off request tab or button or a way employees can send a message through the system to their manager or administrator. Since this system is designed for small businesses with few employees, though, this may not be an issue for your company.


TimePilot PC is an effective tool for tracking and your employees' hours. It provides you with the ability to track shift differentials and overtime, including California overtime. It also is set up to track holiday pay once you set it up. While it lacks some features, like automatic accruals, this time tracking tool is especially easy to use for employees.

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