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Acumen Data Systems ClockVIEW Review

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PROS / This system includes productivity tracking tools.

CONS / Tech support and training services are available, but at an extra cost.

 VERDICT / Acumen Data Systems' ClockVIEW is capable software with many customizable features that help track employee performance.

Acumen Data Systems' ClockVIEW is cloud-based time tracking and management software. The system has employee self-service portals that your workers can use to clock in and out, request time off and view their schedules. Acumen Data Systems' ClockVIEW earned a 90 percent score in overall usability as we found it easy to accomplish basic tasks from both the employee and administrator portals.

Acumen Data Systems ClockVIEW Compare Quotes

When you purchase ClockVIEW, your data is stored on Acumen Data System's servers, and the company automatically backs up your data. Acumen offers professional setup services, setting up your software remotely and customizing it to your business. However, there is a fee if you need personalized training.

This time tracking software tracks performance and productivity, which helps you identify areas where staff members need to improve and where they've made progress. Acumen Data Systems' ClockVIEW tracks both hourly and salaried employees' time.

This software comes with a customizable notification system. You can set up notification rules for each employee or supervisor. Notifications can be set for things like missed punches, time-off requests and overtime. You can choose to have notifications sent via email, text message or both.

You and other members of your management team have access to the administrator dashboard. From here, you can control who has access to different features and what information each employee can view and edit. You can also see a detailed in-and-out board from here that allows you to monitor which employees are on the clock.

This time tracker includes an audit trail, which is an uneditable record of all the modifications made to your timesheets and is required by the Department of Labor for businesses that win government contracts. This application also allows you to retroactively adjust your timesheets, which can be helpful if you need to recalculate hours.

Acumen Data Systems provides help and support for ClockVIEW via phone and email, but its system maintenance and tech support packages cost extra. There's no live-chat option, but FAQs are available on the company's website, as is an articles section that includes buying guides and calculators that can help you decide if this time tracking application could save you money.

Acumen Data System's ClockVIEW integrates with different physical time clocks, including badge terminals and biometric time clocks. It also integrates with rugged time clocks, which are useful if you have employees working offsite. A mobile app is also available for employees to download so they can clock in and out.


Acumen Data Systems' ClockVIEW is capable web-based time tracking and management software that includes employee self-service portals, a notification system and productivity tracking tools. It has an in-and-out board as well as scheduling and forecasting tools. The software includes audit trails and allows you to make retroactive adjustments. The company charges a fee for training and tech support, however.

Acumen Data Systems ClockVIEW Compare Quotes