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InfoTronics Attendance Enterprise Compare Quotes

Pros / It has IP filtering that requires your employees to be onsite when clocking in and out.

Cons / Some features commonly included in comparable software packages – an employee portal, time-off accrual tracking, payroll integration – cost extra if you want them added to your system.

 Verdict / This system includes many powerful features, but the interface is more difficult to navigate than others, and some common features cost extra.

InfoTronics' Attendance Enterprise is web-based time tracking and management software that can be used for businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries. Its custom built to suit your business's needs. Many of the features included in the best time tracking software are available, although it may cost extra to add some of them to your system. You can purchase the software license, which is recommended for companies with more than 50 employees, or you can subscribe to the service, which is recommended for small businesses. The company charges a setup fee and training costs extra as well.

One unique feature offered by this company is IP filtering. This allows you to require your employees to be onsite before they can clock in or clock out. You can use this system with many different types of timeclocks, including those that offer extra security through the use of badge or biometric scanners. You can also use a mobile app to allow your employees to use their phones as hour trackers, and the IP filter can prevent them from clocking in and out offsite.

Some features are more difficult to find in this program than on other systems, and you have to navigate through multiple screens to access reports and other features. The system can be configured to track hours for both salaried and hourly employees, but you have to ask for this feature to be added to your system. Likewise, scheduling and forecasting tools are available upon request. Some features that are commonly included at no additional charge in other time tracking software cost extra to add to the system. For example, accrual tracking, employee self-service portals and payroll integrations can be added to your system, but at an additional cost.

If you need your time tracker to record audit trail information, InfoTronics' Attendance Enterprise stores up to three years of data. You can store additional years for an additional cost. Notifications are available through the mobile app. It alerts your staff if they've missed a scheduled clock in or clock out. They can also use it to notify their managers if they'll arrive late to the office.


Attendance Enterprise by InfoTronics is worth considering if you're looking for a custom-built, web-based time tracking and management software application. Although you can choose which features are included in your system, some cost extra, such as accrual tracking and employee self-service portals. It also charges a setup fee, and the interface isn't as easy to navigate as other systems we reviewed.

InfoTronics Attendance Enterprise Compare Quotes