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iSolved Time Review

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PROS / This time tracker is compatible with rugged time clocks, so employees can clock in and out from job sites.

CONS / It doesn't track salaried employee hours.

 VERDICT / iSolved is a powerful employee time tracking software application best suited for employers with hourly employees, since it does not offer salaried employee time tracking.

iSolved Time, formerly known as TimeForce, is a web-based time tracking and management software application that you can access from any computer or mobile device. It's a powerful time tracker for your small business because it's relatively easy-to-use and includes most of the employee tracking controls you need to make your workforce run smoothly.

iSolved Time Compare Quotes

The company offers setup assistance and training, which ensures the program is correctly installed and that you and your employees understand how to use it. It hosts your data and backs it up on their servers, so you don't have to worry about losing timecard information in the event of a power failure. In overall usability, iSolved Time earned a score of 85 percent, which is average compared with competing applications on our list.

In the employee portal, employees can view their accruals and request time off or sick days. You can add performance and productivity tracking to your platform for a fee, since it isn’t included with your basic service. This program works well for hourly employees; however, it doesn't track salaried employees' accruals or hours.

In the administrator portal, you can view an audit trail, which is an uneditable document showing all additions and changes that have been made to your employees' timesheets. This file is important if you need to comply with certain labor laws. You can set up notifications in this system that can be customized; for example, you can choose to be alerted each time someone requests time off or receive one notification at the end of the day with all the requests that have been submitted throughout the day.

With the access controls, you choose how much access each employee has to the features in this time tracking system and what information he or she is allowed to view and edit. The system also has scheduling and forecasting tools that help you predict how many employees you need to staff each shift when you create schedules.

If you need assistance with this software, you can contact customer support via phone, email or, for quick questions, live chat. There isn't a FAQs page on the company's website if you want to look for answers on your own.

If you need a physical time clock, iSolved Time integrates with several different models, including biometric time clocks, badge terminals and rugged time clocks. The company also offers a mobile app that you and your employees can download.


This time tracking and management software provides a good selection of administrative tools that let you control employee access and set alerts. Employees can use the self-service portal to check accruals, clock in and out and request time off. Though it's missing salaried employee tracking, iSolved Time is a good time tracker for small businesses.

iSolved Time Compare Quotes