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Kronos Workforce Ready Review

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PROS / The audit trails and reports this time tracker provides help you comply with labor laws.

CONS / This system doesn't track hours for salary employees.

 VERDICT / Kronos' Workforce Ready is a good option if you need a system that helps you comply with federal labor regulations.

Workforce Ready is Kronos' time tracking and management software. It also has optional features for payroll and HR that integrate with the system. This software can be used by small- to medium-size businesses in various industries. This system's pricing model is based on a per-employee subscription fee you pay each month. No contract is required.

Kronos Workforce Ready Compare Quotes

Kronos' Workforce Ready software is web-based, so you can access it through any web-enabled computer or device. This also means that you don't have to maintain the system or host your own data since Kronos does it for you. Kronos' hosting system complies with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations. It also meets the necessary security standards required for government contractors. Even if your business doesn't contract with the government, the extra security features mean your data is safe.

This hours tracker doesn't offer professional setup. Kronos' online training resources can help you and your employees learn more about specific features in the program. You can access the system at any time from your desktop or mobile timesheet app, making it convenient to use when training new employees or reviewing updates to the system. In our tests, we had little trouble accomplishing basic tasks in the administrative and employee portals.

Through the mobile app, your hourly employees can view their timesheets and schedules as well as send time-off requests to supervisors. You can set the app to limit where employees can clock in and out, which may be a useful feature if you require employees to be onsite before clocking in. Employees can also clock in and out through the telephone. While these services work well for hourly employees, Kronos' Workforce Ready doesn't track salaried employees.

Kronos' Workforce Ready tracks employee accruals based on your company's specific policies. The system can also track leave according to federal or state policies to keep you in compliance with various regulations. Employees can view time-off accruals from their self-service portals and submit time-off requests (with comments to supervisors) for approval.

This time tracking software lets you set different permissions for individual employees. For example, you can give administrative personnel access to timesheet approval, allowing them to view and approve employee shift-change requests, as well as access to the application's scheduling features. Scheduling lets you set daily shifts for individual employees. If your daily or employee schedules need to change, you can mass edit schedules for multiple employees at a time.

Kronos' Workforce Ready includes a basic notification system. You can set the system so it will alert you to any missed time punches from specific employees during specific time periods. The system includes a detailed audit trail that you can access at any time through the reports feature. Audit trails record all changes made in the system. It notes which account user made the change as well as the time and date the change was made.

For help and support, you can contact Kronos by phone or email. The company doesn't offer live chat, which can be a drawback if you need immediate help and prefer using a text-based format instead of calling.

This time tracking software is a web-based system that includes a mobile app and also integrates with the Kronos InTouch time clock hardware. The touchscreen time clock uses individual badges for employee clock in and clock out. A biometric terminal is also available. The system doesn't have rugged time clock integration, so if you have employees in the field, they'll have to clock in and out using the mobile app.


Kronos' Workforce Ready offers small businesses a thorough time tracking and management system. The system is web-based, so you and your employees can access the system from any internet browser. The company also offers a mobile app. The system tracks time-off accruals, has a notification system and an audit trail that helps you comply with labor laws. It doesn't track hours for salary employees. Live chat and professional setup services aren't offered by this company.

Kronos Workforce Ready Compare Quotes