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Redcort Software Virtual TimeClock 16 Pro Review

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PROS / If you annually subscribe to the company's maintenance and support program, software updates are free.

CONS / The software's Basic and Pro editions can only be installed on one computer.

 VERDICT / Although only the Network edition of this time tracking software can be used on multiple computers, it's a capable hours tracker with a good mix of features.

Virtual TimeClock by Redcort Software is time tracking and management software that can be installed on both Macs and PCs. This hours tracker can be used by large and small businesses. Instead of subscribing to a cloud-based service on a monthly basis, you purchase a license for the software and then host it on your own computer.

Redcort Software Virtual TimeClock 16 Pro Compare Quotes

There are three versions of this time tracking software: Basic, Pro and Network. Basic and Pro can only be installed on one computer; Network can be installed on multiple computers. Basic tracks up to three employees; Pro and Network tracks an unlimited number of employees. If you enroll in the company's software maintenance and support program, you pay an annual fee and receive free software upgrades and tech support. However, if you skip this program, you have to pay for software upgrades and tech support, which has the potential to become expensive since the company charges a fee each time you use it.

The software's interface looks like an in-and-out board. On a shared computer, such as you would use with the Basic or Pro versions of this time tracker, employees log in by clicking on their names. They then enter their passwords and clock in by clicking the Start button. Once logged in, workers can send messages to their managers to ask for scheduling changes or time off. Unlike most of the systems we reviewed that automatically send managers notifications for such requests via email or through a mobile app, managers have to log into their profiles using the same computer that employees use to clock in to check for messages. Although it may be cost effective to set up your time tracking software on a single computer, if most of your workers don't use computers for their jobs, it may be less efficient that other solutions if your employees have to wait in line to punch in and out each day. This system is one of the few time trackers we reviewed that doesn't integrate with third-party timeclocks. It also doesn't have a mobile timesheet app.

The administrative features are customizable and include access controls that allow you to grant access to administrative tools to your managers. You can set pay rules that prevent unauthorized overtime by prohibiting employees from clocking in early and out late. If you have workers that frequently forget to clock out, you can setup their accounts to clock out automatically at the end of their shifts. If you see that a worker has forgotten to punch in, you can adjust his or her timecard. However, unlike other time trackers we reviewed, this software doesn't have automatic notifications that alert you when a worker misses a scheduled punch.

The in-and-out board that allows you to see your employees' statuses and you can run a variety of reports to help you analyze your time tracking data. An audit log is included in the Pro and Network versions, which is useful if your company needs to comply with DCAA regulations.

Before sending their timesheets to their managers for approval, your employees can look them over and approve them. Any inaccuracies found on the timesheets can be corrected by an administrator, and the payroll information can be changed retroactively even after its been approved. Many payroll services integrate with this time tracking software, including QuickBooks, Paychex and ADP.


Redcort Software's Virtual TimeClock is customizable and capable. It allows you to set access controls and pay rules, integrates with the top payroll services, and tracks hourly and salaried workers. Although the Basic and Pro versions can only be set up on one computer, the Network version can be installed on multiple computers. This time tracking software is one of the few that doesn't connect to third-party time clocks and doesn't include a mobile app. It's the only program we reviewed that doesn't send automatic notifications.

Redcort Software Virtual TimeClock 16 Pro Compare Quotes