Pros / You can recognize and translate up to 77 languages using this software.

Cons / Babylon does not offer phone support.

 Verdict / Babylon 10 Premium Pro takes its place as the best translation software for global businesses because of its accuracy and features.

If your company does business with an overseas satellite office, Babylon 10 Premium Pro can save you time and money with its convenient and powerful translation software. At about half the price of other top-shelf business translation software, Babylon’s offering is not only affordable, it also comes with high marks for translation accuracy and its ability to work from inside your email or chosen desktop applications. Babylon 10 Premium is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for its business program integration, ease of use and translation accuracy.

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While most translation programs ask you to define the language you are planning to translate, the Babylon 10 Premium Pro software recognizes language automatically, making it especially convenient if you are working with employees from several parts of the world. The software comes with robust grammar and spell-check tools that make sure your text looks and sounds professional. It also includes a variety of dictionaries and glossaries to assist you when writing about specialized topics. As you are working, Babylon’s software builds translation memory dictionaries. These personal dictionaries record frequently used word groups or sentences and save them for later use when a match is met. And if you meet a word you are not familiar with, Babylon translates it into native speech, so you never need worry about pronouncing a word incorrectly. Just press the speech icon and your selected word will be spoken out loud.

Available Languages

Chinese is a language not often offered by typically Euro-centric translation programs. But Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are standards in Babylon 10’s Premium Pro translation software, along with Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Offering by far the largest total with 77 featured languages spread across all products, Babylon's software is a good option if your company has global communication needs. You should be aware however, that not all languages are offered by each product subset. For instance, when using the Babylon software dictionary, you can receive results from Wikipedia. This gives you access to articles, internet links and basic information from several resources in many different languages. However, these results are available in just a fraction of the total 77 languages.

Supported Formats & Files

By far the most useful feature of the Babylon 10 Premium Pro package is its program integration. When you have your email open and want to send an overseas employee an email, simply click on his or her name. The application allows you to designate and save a specific language for each of your contacts.

Your emails can be written in English, but they will be sent off to your employee in the appropriate language. Likewise, when that employee replies in his or her own tongue, the email will arrive at your desk in English or your preferred language. The same is true for the entire Microsoft Office Suite. Email an Excel report and have it arrive in Portuguese. Send off a PowerPoint in English and it can arrive in French, German or any of the other 77 languages that the Babylon application supports. And, unlike many of the applications we tested which import from the Microsoft Suite, you can actually translate in real time from inside your chosen programs. The software works from inside many other software types, too, but if the program is one of the few that cannot be fully integrated, it can still be translated by simply copying and pasting the text directly into the general Babylon program.

In addition to multilingual day-to-day business communication, Babylon 10 Premium Pro’s powerful software is compatible with older and newer versions of Windows, and a version is designed specifically for those using Macintosh computers. Mac-compatible business translation software is not easy to find, so this alone helps separate Babylon’s software from the rest of the lineup. The list of file formats the software supports is also impressive. These include PDFs, HTML, RTF documents, email, instant messages and all files from the Microsoft Office Suite. The instant translation of webpages is also a feature of this software.

Help & Support

Babylon offers email and telephone support in case you need help from customer service. If you prefer instant messaging, you can use the company’s live chat instead and text a support representative directly from your computer or mobile device. Phone support is not available. You can find a FAQs section that provides answers to many common questions on the website. Inside the application, a user guide automatically pops up following installation of the software. This is available from the main screen at all times to help and guide you.


Babylon 10 Premium Pro makes correspondence and communication with partners around the globe a seamless aspect of doing business. With up to 77 languages to choose from, the ability to browse webpages in any language, text-to-speech pronunciation and robust translation options built right into Outlook, Word or PowerPoint, this program rightly deserves its place as our best translation software.

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