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Cute Translator Review

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PROS / Twenty topic dictionaries give your translation context and make it more accurate.

CONS / This application does not translate entire webpages.

 VERDICT / Cute Translator’s 53 languages, 20 topic dictionaries and low price make it a good choice for basic use.

Cute Translator is a language translator that comes with several choices of “assistant,” which include a magician, robot, parrot and genie. Despite the “cute” name, the cartoon character assistants and a super simple interface, this translation program works well for basic translation. Over 53 languages are included in the same, very inexpensive, software package and, for 11 of them, a text-to-speech option can help you polish your pronunciation. Read-aloud translations in American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Russian are available. Cute Translator may not be the best translation software we reviewed, but with this kind of language capability, if your needs are basic, Cute Translator is worth considering.

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Specialized, topic-based dictionaries come as part of the Cute Translator program. These help you get more context and accuracy into your translations. The dictionary subject matter is fairly broad for such a simple application, and these resources are available for automobile, aviation, chemistry, colloquial, computer, geography, business, electronics, food, legal, life, mathematics, mechanical, medicine, metallurgy, military, maritime, optics, physics and political arenas.

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Like many of the translation programs we reviewed, Cute Translator does not install the actual translation software engine on your computer, just the means to enable it. You need to be connected to the internet to access the translation, which is performed on the AuthorSoft servers. Typically instant, there were times when testing this software that the server was not working and returned a “server not found” error.

Cute Translator opens most file formats for translation, including PDFs, RTFs, TXTs and all the Microsoft Suite applications. It works in its own window, however, and not inside the Microsoft Suite, like our better-rated translation software programs do.

There is an FAQs page on the Cute Translator website that provides the answers to many common questions along with a downloadable software manual. You can also email support from this area. If your support concern cannot be remedied by email, Cute Translator can email you a phone number for additional help.


With topic-specific dictionaries, a super simple interface and 53 languages to choose from, Cute Translator is worth considering if your needs are basic. While it lacks a host of more-advanced features, the application does a reasonable job and is exceptionally inexpensive. However, Cute Translator is not great if you wish to work offline or automatically inside the Microsoft Suite.

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