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Pros / IdiomaX allows you to browse web sites from other countries in your preferred language.

Cons / Including English, this translation software only supports five languages.

 Verdict / IdiomaX has useful tools for business use but only offers a limited variety of languages.

The IdiomaX Translation Suite provides features and tools that are useful for many kinds of business communication, as long as the languages you use are included in this limited-language package. The IdiomaX program supports a wide variety of file formats, including the Microsoft Suite, and easily translates webpages from one language to another. Printing translated web pages is also simple.

Working on a translation project from inside your Microsoft Suite applications is easy with the IdiomaX Translation Suite. If you write a memo in English, you can send it as an Outlook email in Spanish. You can craft an Excel or Word report in English and then save and send it out in French. You can even put together and save an English version of a PowerPoint presentation, press translate and send it off in Italian. The IdiomaX program also supports a wide variety of other files formats, like PDFs, RTFs and TXTs.

Another feature of this translation software is its ability to translate webpages from one language to another. If English is your first language, this gives you the opportunity to browse pages in other languages by simply copying the URL into the IdiomaX application. It also makes it an ideal tool for your overseas employees to convert English webpages into their preferred languages. And you can preview, save and print these converted web pages by choosing these options from the main menu.

But the IdiomaX translation software does have its drawbacks. With the exception of a single application focused on one language only, this software offers the fewest number of language options in the translation software packages we reviewed. If you happen to be working with employees who speak French, Italian or Spanish, you’re in luck and can take advantage of its features. And while IdiomaX also offers a German and Italian language pair, there is no German to English, so for companies speaking English as a first language, there are effectively only three languages offered.

Many of the features in this limited-language translation software are similar to those in our top-rated selections. A spell checker helps perfect your writing by finding errors in your original and translated text. There is also a useful text-to-speech pronunciation feature that helps polish your pronunciation of words, sentences and even entire documents.

Both telephone and email customer support are available if you want personal responses to questions or concerns you may have. A downloadable user manual is also available to provide assistance and guidance. A FAQs section on the manufacturer’s website provides detailed answers, but it doesn't offer an extensive selection of questions. In addition, there is no user forum on the IdiomaX website.

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IdiomaX software provides good basic translation features for English-speaking companies communicating with business associates in the French, Spanish and Italian languages. It has adequate but limited support for customers on its website. IdiomaX Translation Suite does, however, support a wide variety of file formats and contain many of the features found in more highly rated applications.

IdiomaX Translation Suite Visit Site