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NeuroTran PRO Review

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PROS / This translation software is available in 99 languages.

CONS / Each language pair is purchased separately and no multi-language packs are offered.

 VERDICT / NeuroTran Pro is a full-featured translation tool that can become expensive if you are working with more than one language pair.

NeuroTran features several translation engines that, when combined into one translation software, can translate simple words and phrases as well as books, webpages, documents, emails, faxes, memos, manuals, reports, spreadsheets, correspondence and documents of many other kinds. Ninety-nine languages are offered by NeuroTran in Basic, Standard and Pro versions. We feature the Pro version in this review because it's a better match to the product set we are reviewing.

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Not only does NeuroTran Pro translate all kinds of documents, it offers those translations in up to 99 different languages, including some that many other applications don’t address, like Welsh, Yiddish and Maori. If you have a satellite office somewhere around the other side of the world and need day-to-day translation capability for a single, less-often featured language, NeuroTran PRO may be software to consider. However, if you have offices in Belgium, Spain and Italy and want translation capability for all three countries, this may not be your best choice. NeuroTran PRO’s pricing is approximately the same as the pricing of our top-rated software, but unlike most of those where multiple languages are included, in NeuroTran Pro’s model, you pay the same price for each language pair, for example English to French and French to English.

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This translation program contains several interesting features. Translation is handled sentence by sentence and the subject, verb and object of each sentence are understood by the NeuroTran Pro translation tools. This helps make translations a better fit for each destination language. Specialized dictionaries are also included so that the context of your article or document is considered for better accuracy during translation.

NeuroTran PRO is a language translation product from a parent company called Translation Experts. The Translation Expert website is a fairly basic set of product listings and contains no user forums or FAQs. However, NeuroTran PRO does offer email, phone and live chat support.


With a pricing model that charges separately for each language pair, English to Swedish and Swedish to English for example, this application can be prohibitively expensive for businesses that have multinational translation needs. However, the ability to translate less widely available languages and a wide variety of file formats make NeuroTran Pro translation software a decent choice.

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