Reviewer’s Note: This product is web based and does not fall into the software category as the other translation products in this review. Nevertheless, we feel this product is exceptional and progressive.

Translate DotNet is a hybrid web–based/software translator that is comparable to the #1 product, also manufactured by LEC. This application can translate a total of 256 language pairs and is one of the top language translation solutions available.

This product has all of the same, easy–to–use modules and the same translation engine as the #1 software. There are two notable differences: Translate DotNet is a subscription ($5/month). And Translate DotNet’s translation engine is on LEC’s server instead of on the user’s computer. This means you have to have an Internet connection to use the application.

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Translate DotNet has a control center with a text box for quick translation. From this interface you can also launch and configure each of its specialized translation modules.

LEC designed each module for a specific translation function. The modules included in Translate DotNet are:

ClipTrans instantly translates email, text, instant messages and web pages. This is done by copying the text to the clipboard. This module also automatically identifies the source language.

FileTrans easily translates files and batches of files including text and HTML files.

Internet Explorer Addin integrates with the IE browser and translates web pages in the browser with a single click as you surf the Internet.

LogoTrans was developed for quick translation of small amounts of content. You can type in the top window and the translated text appears in the lower window.

TransIt integrates with other applications like instant messenger, email, chats and forms so you can type in your native language and TransIt will translate the text and import it into the application.

MirrorTrans allows you to translate any window on your desktop into the desired language. You can drag and drop the icon in the window or simply click on the translation icon and the MirrorTrans will translate the foremost window.

FileTrans is a tool that translates files. The software automatically saves a copy of the translated file in the same folder where the original file is located. The FileTrans interface will also translate batch files.

Available Languages

Translate DotNet, like the other products from LEC, is divided into modules. Each module is simple and user-friendly; however, you have to be connected to the Internet to use any of the applications.

The translating features integrate nicely with other applications. The only problem we encountered was with the web page translator. It worked well with Firefox web browser but crashed occasionally when we attempted to translate web pages using Internet Explorer 7.

Supported Formats & Files

Installation and setup went smoothly—we didn’t encounter any problems. The actual translation engine is located on LEC’s server so you only download and install the application interfaces. You can download these applications to as many computers as you like with the $5/month subscription.

Additionally, LEC is releasing a beta version of MAC Translate DotNet. Look for the MAC version in about a month.

Help & Support

Each interface includes a link to a help database on LEC’s website. On the website, you can also access flash tutorials that teach you the basics of each of the four interfaces. LEC provides an email address and phone number so you can contact customer support. They responded to our email within an hour and solved our problem.


This is a great product if you need to translate in multiple languages and/or want to translate using multiple computers. TranslateDotNet is a subscription translation service with a $5 monthly fee.

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