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    PROS / The accuracy score is high at 86 percent.

    CONS / It does not have voice transcription.

    VERDICT / It's simple to use, accurate and a perfect fit for a home office.

    In reviewing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home, we have no hesitation in stating it's among the top voice recognition software. This highly accurate software specializes in home use, which is unlike office-geared software that costs significantly more and has a lot of extraneous features.

    Dragon Home 13

    Dragon Home is compatible with most Windows-based applications like Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail. It also includes a word processor called DragonPad, which is similar to WordPad and can be completely commanded and controlled by voice. You have the option to automate commas and periods, specify alternate written forms, use Word properties and take advantage of the formatting feature, which allows you to format text with your voice.

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    A headset microphone is included with the Dragon voice recognition software when you purchase the physical set rather than the downloaded version. You can also use USB microphones. After a certain length of silence, the microphone sleeps. Even though a microphone and headset isn't included anytime you purchase the software, Dragon Home deserves some praise for including the two expensive tools with the physical version.

    It has basic speech-to-text functions: You can open and close programs, navigate programs and folders, switch or minimize windows and change settings with your voice in this Dragon Home Version. You can also choose the self-paced option, which allows for easy printing and uninterrupted reading of acoustic training text. You can select, correct and format text as well as move the cursor and punctuate text with this voice recognition software. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home is easy to use. We are slightly disappointed that you cannot transcribe a recording into the dictation on this software. Even though it is geared for a home environment, it is beneficial if you can smoothly transfer it to the professional world.

    We tested Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home to see how well it dictates, and it received 86 percent accuracy. That is just slightly below our highest-ranked software on our lineup and significantly higher than its lower-ranked competitors. We gave it the score it received without having had any additional voice training, since some of its competitors do not have that option, and it still ranked better than half of the software on our lineup. Overall, it has impressive accuracy, so you don't have to constantly spell-check the dictation.

    You can talk to a customer service representative in real time through Nuance's live chat support, consult the company's knowledgebase or read the online user guide. You can also reach the company via telephone during business hours and email whenever you wish. Like most of the Dragon products, it has extremely good support services, and Dragon Home has the advantage of being one of the simpler Dragon products, so you will likely not have to spend as much time scrolling through the user manual.


    Dragon Home is home-geared voice recognition software with high accuracy. It has enough features to stand on its own as a home product without missing the professional features. It could have added in voice transcription, but it’s solid voice recognition software that's affordable.

    Dragon Home 13