Pros / Voice Finger is customizable and easy to learn.

Cons / The support options are limited.

 Verdict / While it doesn't compete with the best, Voice Finger is an affordable option with accurate dictation tools.

Voice Finger might not be as packed with support services as its high-profile competitors, but it still has enough features to merit a slot in our voice recognition software comparison. Speech-to-text options should ideally have high accuracy scores, and, when compared with other software in our lineup, Voice Finger about average, and short of the best. However, this affordable program has many features typically found in higher-priced options.

This software is uncomplicated in its interface and adaptability. It clearly marks each function in its interface, and its commands are simple to learn. You can feel at ease with its features by the end of your first day using it, particularly if you are only using it for personal tasks. If you plan on using it in a professional environment, you may want software with a higher rate of accuracy.

In our tests this software performed with above-average accuracy. While it performed below the level of the best software on the market, it wasn’t at all bad for something in this price point. Customizable command capability is one of the most important features in voice dictation. With Voice Finger, you have essential command capabilities like opening and closing programs, and changing settings. You can also add customized commands, such as automatically opening specific photo albums and Word documents.

The software also carries out the commands quickly, which makes it efficient if you need to complete a task or project on a deadline. Even though the accuracy score is not high, the software’s speed and precision in areas other than dictation are impressive. It performed well as we scrolled through webpages, used Outlook Express and experimented with Microsoft Word tools.

The best speech recognition software ideally has expansive support services. One large shortcoming with Voice Finger is the lack of a phone number, live chat service and a user guide. There is email support, and we received a reply within 24 hours, but the lack of live help options will be frustrating if you hit a snag in the software and need immediate help.

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  • Accuracy Score
  • Supported Languages
  1. The percentage of transcription points the software got correct on our dictation test.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 5  Voice Finger
    76.0 %
  3. 96.0 %
  4. 92.0 %
  5. 90.0 %
  6. Category Average
    79.5 %


With Voice Finger, you can implement customizable commands and correct text easily, and that is important whether you are using the basic features or the advanced tools. However, the lack of support services and a middling accuracy score earn it a lower ranking in our review. On the plus side, this highly affordable dictation software is easy to start using right from the get-go.

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