3D printing has quickly become the latest rage in the last few years, and the love of this new technology is just beginning. The best 3D printer of 2015 isn t just for industry professionals. Everyday people who enjoy do-it-yourself projects can now buy 3D printers and use them to print objects in the comfort of their own home. Here s everything you need to know to get started as a 3D printer hobbyist.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is new technology that first hit the market for businesses and industry specialists but now is designed for DIY individuals as well. This technology can print 3D objects like mementos, toys and even functional objects like utensils.

How Do You Get Started?

To get started, you first need a laptop or computer that can be hooked up to the 3D printer and run the software. You also need to get yourself a 3D printer. You don t have to go with the fanciest one on the market; there are many of these devices designed for beginners.

As you look for a 3D printer for your personal use, you should look first at 3D printers that are preassembled and ready to use when they arrive. Not only will they allow you to get started with your new hobby right away, but a simple machine is likely more suitable for beginners. The printer will include some accessories to get your started, but not all 3D printers are packaged with the same pieces.

What Comes in the Box?

Most 3D printers include the software you need to get started, either as a disc or available as a download from the manufacturer. Additionally, the printer typically includes a power supply, USB cable, maintenance tools and a filament cartridge. However, a single filament cartridge won t allow you to print an item that requires multiple colors. Additionally, the printer may or may not include filament in the box. Filament and cartridges can be purchased from the printer manufacturer.

You also need to decide what kind of filament you want to use. The filaments are made of plastic, and some are a softer material and some tougher. Additionally, some filaments are glossier than others. Depending on what you are printing, you need to decide what kind of filament is best to use.

What to Print First?

Once you have your new 3D printer set up and ready to go, it s time to test it out. As you choose what to make first, keep in mind that it is best not to go too big too fast. Start small and work up to larger projects. For instance, a simple, small project could be something like a button, marble or even a guitar pick. You can gradually work your way up to larger objects like chess pieces, spoons or smartphone cases.

What Are the Best 3D Printers for Beginners?

There are many options to consider when looking to buy your first 3D printer, but here are a few suggestions: The Ultimaker 2 3D printer isn t just the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, it is also a great option for individuals of all skill levels, including those just getting started in the 3D printing world. Other options for beginners include the Cubify CubePro, which is the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner, and the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, the Cubify CubeX 3D printer, a large-scale printer perfect for beginners.

3D printing can be a fun hobby, and it allows you to create all sorts of personalized objects in the comfort of your own home. After you get yourself a 3D printer you ll be printing objects in no time.

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