As an owner of a wide format printer, you have the ability to create magnificent images of all shapes and sizes. Many of these large printers can produce images up to 64 inches wide. Banners, signs, wall art and more are just a few of the popular products created with these powerful machines.

If you have an increased demand for wide format printing or you are constantly outsourcing projects to be printed, you can save money owning or leasing one of these devices. However, printing on these machines can still be pricey if you are not careful. Here are four ways you can cut costs while using a large format printer.

Energy Saving Modes

Large format printers can be in use for several minutes or hours at a time, which can quickly increase your power bill payments. Many of these devices feature energy saving modes. These features vary depending upon the product, but they can include anything from using less ink to entering a sleep mode after several minutes of inactivity.

These large printers can also earn Energy Star Labels. A machine can earn this label if the product can contribute to energy saving and lower utility bills. Additionally, the machine can display the Energy Star label if the device can be tested for energy consumption and the machine s technologies are available by multiple manufacturers.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is critical on this type of machine. If you use your machine on a frequent basis, you will want to clean your printer weekly, or even daily. Maintenance should include cleaning print heads, cap tops and any other areas your media will touch in the printer. Regular maintenance will save you a significant amount of money and frustration down the road.

Use the Right Ink and Media Types

Large format laser printers have the capability to print on certain types of media, and they are compatible with certain types of ink. When you begin to use the printer to attempt printing on incompatible media, you can cause long-term damage to your printer. Additionally, not only do you sacrifice the quality that your printer can offer, but you also lose money by wasting media. Before you purchase a printer, it is crucial you carefully examine exactly what type of media and ink the printer uses. If a printer doesn't meet your needs, keep looking.

Accounting Managers

Accounting Managers are excellent tools for helping you calculate your exact cost for a product you printed with your wide format printer. Often, this tool can tell you exactly how much paper and ink you used to complete a project. They also allow you to add additional figures to each print job to help you determine a cost. This tool is valuable in allowing you to see exactly how much you are spending per job, along with any changes you may need to make to lower your costs. Unfortunately, you ll only find Accounting Managers on a select few wide format printers.

Your printer doesn t have to be a costly machine. By making a little extra effort, you can save yourself a significant amount of money on your wide format printer and still produce large, beautiful images.

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