We have ranked many of the best inkjet printers based on print speed, quality and other features to bring you the best printers available. It s easy to get locked into the mindset that printers are simply for printing work documents or photos, but there are multiple printing projects that your simple inkjet printer can handle. This article is for people who want to think outside of the box and get more creative use out of their inkjet printer. Below are some suggestions for creative ways that you can use your inkjet printer. 

Paper Bag Printing
This is a creative idea perfect for multiple occasions, including personalized lunch bags for your kids, Valentine s Day surprises, gift bags and many more. Whatever the occasion, you can have some fun and get creative with your paper bags. To do this, you need to make a PDF file for a 5 x 8.5 paper bag, or you can find a PDF template for paper bags online. Once you find a template, just add your message and get to printing.

Greeting Cards
Making a personalized greeting card on your inkjet printer is a great way to share your love with friends and loved ones, and save some money. If you are curious about how to make your own greeting cards but don t know where to start, you can read our greeting card software reviews to find some great tools to help you get started.

Business Cards
Printing business cards on your home printer is not a new or original concept, but it certainly is something that often gets overlooked and can be vastly important to the growth of your brand or business. Creating a unique yet informative business card is simple with online templates. Save the money that you would have spent for a company to make business cards for you and put it back into your pocket by making your own business cards on your inkjet printer.

Wax-Paper Prints
Wax-paper prints are a great and creative way to transfer a design from wax paper to an object such as a candle, mug, pot and even wood. The simplest way to do this is to tape the wax paper to a piece of card stock. Then you print your design on the wax paper. Remove the wax paper from the card stock and quickly place it on the object. For wood transfers, it helps if the wood is damp. After you have placed your design on the object, use your thumbnail or a credit card to gently rub the design from the wax paper onto the object. Once you gently remove the wax paper, allow the ink to dry for a while on the object and viola! You ve successfully transferred your design to the object.

Mulberry-Paper Prints
If you frequently put filters on all of your photos posted on your Instagram and other social media profiles, you may be a junkie for vintage-style prints. There is something cool about prints with cracks, light leaks and grain. You can easily make your own vintage-looking prints using your inkjet printer and some mulberry paper. It's pretty simple. First, take a sheet of mulberry paper and glue it to a sheet of printer paper. Run the paper through your inkjet printer so it prints on the mulberry paper. Finally, carefully remove the printer paper from the back of the mulberry paper and just like that, you will have a sweet-looking, vintage-style printout of your photo.

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