The world has been transformed in recent years by exciting portable technology, including laptops, iPods and MP3 players, iPhones and smartphones, and now the iPad. It was only a matter of time before wireless computer speakers came around to supplement the functionality of these devices. Now a burgeoning market, there are a great number of wireless computer speakers to choose from. Portable yet high quality, these indoor wireless computer speaker systems are perfect for students, office presentations, working in non-wired locations, mom’s with toddlers and even house parties. With a little creativity, the uses of wireless speakers are truly endless.

The impressive features among our top-rated wireless computer speakers are the wizard behind the curtain – the reason present-day wireless computer speakers are as powerful and reliable as they are. We reviewed their main technical features – the components responsible for the speakers’ sound. We examined the frequency response, transmitter power, total output power, sound pressure range, and wireless range of each wireless speaker system were noted. We’ve also included must-read articles on computer speakers, as well as comprehensive reviews to help you find the system that fits your needs.

Be sure to check out our detailed product reviews, including those for our three top-rated speaker systems: the GigaWorks T20 Series II, Control 2.4G, and Creative T12.

Wireless Computer Speakers: What to Look For

The wireless computer speakers we reviewed are ideal for indoor use at home, school, work and even vacations, and they bring full stereo sound to most average-sized rooms. Mom’s concerned with dangerous wires, people with limited mobility, trade-show vendors, families on road trips, and students on the go are just a few of the folks for whom these speakers are great. Top Ten Reviews used the following criteria to evaluate wireless computer speakers to decide which products to include in our review:

The technical features of wireless computer speakers are the first thing to look for when you are considering purchasing one of the top-notch speaker systems we reviewed. Wireless speakers have components that can make or break their audio quality. These are frequency response, transmitter power, total output power, sound pressure level, and wireless range – which refers to how far you can take the speakers from the audio source and have them still function properly.

We included a miscellaneous category to cover additional features and bonuses you may find with each wireless computer speaker system. We considered a variety of extra features, including: auto tune (a speaker's ability to find the best radio frequency on which to operate without any further adjustments from you), whether the speaker system comes with a remote control and separate volume controls, whether it uses a USB or non-USB transmitter, whether it has wall-mounting capabilities, and how the system is powered whether it uses an AC adapter, batteries or both.

Sound Quality
Thanks to advanced technology, wireless computer speakers sound amazing and can transmit audio as clear as if wires were present. And since most wireless speakers will auto tune to the best signal and work instantaneously, all you need to do is physically plug them in and press the power button and you’ll have streaming audio in moments. From enhanced bass using BasFXflex technology to impressive balanced treble, wireless computer speakers should sound as great as any wired computer speaker system.

Help & Support
Product documentation and customer service are essential help-and- support features for any wireless computer speaker system that should be provided by the speaker manufacturer. Other help and support features that we included in our review are FAQs, user forums, and whether the product includes a warranty.

The wireless computer speakers in our review are guaranteed to transform your world. By providing full-bodied sound that you can bring with you anywhere you go, you’ll wonder how you lived without these impressive speakers.

GigaWorks T20W Series II

GigaWorks T20W Series II wireless computer speakers from Creative, a leader in audio wireless products, have the perfect combination of amazing sound and portability in one great wireless speaker system. These wireless speakers for computers are ideal for people who want great sound no matter where they are without the hassle of wires. The GigaWorks T20W Series II speakers are the winner of our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award because they integrate advanced speaker technology; we’re excited to give the GigaWorks T20W Series II speakers the top spot in our wireless computer speaker review.

One of the best features of the GigaWorks T20W Series II wireless speakers is their renowned Xtreme Fidelity technology – the core Creative technology that restores detail and expands music into 24-bit surround sound. Note: To fully go wireless with the GigaWorks T20W Series II wireless speakers, you will also need a separate Sound Blaster wireless transmitter card, which is also available from Creative and costs about $90.

Despite having to purchase another piece of hardware to operate this product, we recommend this cutting-edge wireless computer speaker system. The GigaWorks T20W Series II’s speaker quality is the best in its class thanks to its BasXPort technology. This brilliant technology enhances the speakers' low frequency response without requiring a bulky subwoofer, allowing the speakers to be portable and retain excellent sound quality.

BasXPort technology works by channeling the sound waves from the inner chamber of the satellite speaker to the soundstage, making the bass sound amazing. This process allows the satellite speaker to deliver a more pronounced mid-range response, which gives the listener a full spectrum audio experience.

The powerful built-in X-Fi receiver allows you to operate the speakers from up to 100 feet away from your laptop or transmitter location. This incorporated technology provides an expansive wireless range along with high audio quality throughout your entire home. This receiver ensures great connectivity, with no delays or dropouts in the sound transmission a common complaint with many wireless computer speakers. The X-Fi receiver accepts wireless audio from the Sound Blaster X-Fi notebook (the transmitter), Cambridge SoundWorks MovieWorks HD for iPod and other select Creative wireless audio products.

Another feature that makes the GigaWorks T20W Series II an attractive buy is how it gets its juice – it uses an AC adapter only, and requires no batteries to power the left and right speakers. While this adds one wire to work with, it eliminates the need for expensive (and annoying) battery changes that are so commonly necessary with other wireless computer speaker systems. You can plug in the speakers anywhere you’d like them to be in any room of your home, and your laptop, no matter how far away it may be, will be able transmit audio to the speakers with crystal quality sound.

The GigaWorks T20W Series II is a powerful wireless computer speaker system thanks to its 50hz–20khz frequency response and 2.4GHz transmitter power, which is the most powerful transmitter you can find in current wireless speaker technology. In addition to its 28W audio output power (the combined total of both speakers), it provides an 80dB sound-pressure level. The operating range for the speakers extends to 100 feet and provides low-interference sound thanks to the Sound Blaster Card, which enables the speakers to connect to and autotune instantly.

The GigaWorks T20W Series II are serious speakers. Precision-tuned with a two-way speaker design, they provide well-balanced sound that is perfect for both music and gaming enthusiasts. The dedicated tweeters give the speakers impressive, detailed highs, and the mid-range drivers follow through with rich sound.

The GigaWorks T20W Series II are sleek and stylish, with rounded edges; they will fit well with nearly any décor. The controls for adjusting the volume, treble and bass are located on the front of the right speaker, making it easy to quickly adjust your audio settings. The auxiliary input and headphone jack are also on the front of the right speaker for quick access.

The USB transmitter card, which is the Sound Blaster card for GigaWorks T20W Series II speakers, is the key device required for this wireless computer speaker system to operate because it transmits audio from your computer to your speakers. The speakers are powered by an AC adapter, and come with a 6-foot stereo-to-stereo audio cable.

At 9” tall, the GigaWorks T20W Series II wireless speakers pack a lot of power in a small size, with an impressive 28W of RMS power, which makes the sound quality better at higher volumes (a feature that’s hard to find with similar products). This feature is notably ideal for music lovers and gaming enthusiasts because you can really turn up the volume on these speakers without worrying about blasting the hardware.

With a powerful max output power of 28W combined with the Sound Blaster card transmitter, which will recognize your speakers and stream audio instantaneously, you will get amazing sound quality with the GigaWorks T20W Series II wireless computer speakers. In addition, the two-way speaker design provides well-balanced sound. The tweeters give quality detailed highs and the mid-range drivers deliver robust, full sound. Impressive bass is also a great quality of these speakers thanks to its BasXPort tehnology.

If you need assistance using your GigaWorks T20W Series II wireless computer speakers, you can find a number of help options on Creative’s web site. By navigating to the Support section, you can select your product and find its Quick Start Guide in a downloadable PDF format, as well as Knowledgebase Solutions, FAQs and a section where you can submit a support ticket via email. The speakers come with a warranty card, technical leaflet and quick start leaflet in the box.

Thanks the GigaWorks T20W Series II wireless computer speaker system, high-quality, portable audio that transforms any space into a room booming with perfectly tempered sound is within reach. From its Xtreme Fidelity Technology to its sleek design and powerful transmitter, the GigaWorks T20W Series II is one of the best wireless computer speakers on the market that is sure to please even the pickiest audiophile.

Control 2.4G

The Control 2.4G Wireless Speaker System by JBL, a company with more than 60 years’ experience, are two-way wireless computer speakers that bring clear, full-spectrum audio anywhere in your home. These wireless speakers generate powerful sound from a compact enclosure. From the included remote control to wall-mounting brackets that allow you to set up your speakers in the far reaches of a room, the Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System is a sure bet for wireless speakers that are portable and sound great, and we're excited to include them in our wireless computer speakers review.

The Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System generates an AC-powered 2.4GHz transmitter that enables these non-flashy speakers – which are great for hiding in a room – to receive transmissions and project crystal-clear audio from up to 70 feet away from the transmitter's location. The powerful transmitter can easily send audio through walls, ceilings and windows, giving you the freedom to set up your speakers in different rooms and on different levels in your home.

One of our favorite features of the Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System is the remote control. This speaker system is the only product in our top five products to include a remote control. While it may seem like small potatoes, a remote control is an invaluable accessory when it comes to wireless speaker technology, and a huge bonus for altering volume levels in other rooms remotely. The remote’s controls include volume, input, and mute.

Note: The Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System requires a certain number of wires to operate and is not completely wireless because the speakers do not run on batteries – only AC power from an outlet.

The Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System transmits powerful “pro sound” thanks to its 50Hz–20kHz frequency response and 2.4GHz transmitter power. The total output power of the Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System is 15W (per channel), and it has a sound-pressure level of 89dB. The speakers' operating range reaches 70 feet (21 meters), and can vary depending on nearby radio frequencies and atmospheric conditions.

The dimensions of each speaker in the Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System are 9” tall, 6” in width and 5.5” in depth. The speakers' total weight is 9.4lbs.

In addition to a remote control, the Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System includes other cool features. The speakers have magnetic shielding for video applications so that placing them near a TV won't cause sound interference. In addition to having wall- mount brackets for the speakers, the transmitter has an included wall mount as well. To ensure that the wireless speakers stay out, they are rubberized on the top and bottom.

Adjusting the Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System to get the best audio it can project blissfully straightforward. The non-USB transmitter plugs into your computer’s audio output jack and will auto tune to find the best channel for the clearest signal. Furthermore, there is no need for you to adjust the bass or treble.

For assistance with using your Control 2.4g Wireless Computer Speaker System, you can find an owner's manual and product-information brochure on JBL’s website in the Support Resources area located under the Support tab on the Control 2.4g's product page. JBL's website also provides product FAQs, email support and a toll-free technical support number for further assistance.

Look no further than the Control 2.4G Wireless Speaker System for powerful wireless audio. From their minimalist design to the included remote control, wall- mount brackets and 4" (100mm) polylaminate low-frequency driver, the Control 2.4G Wireless Speaker System is more than deserving of a great rank in our wireless computer speaker review.

Creative T12

The Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are wireless computer speakers from Creative that are chock full of cutting-edge speaker technology that will surely surprise the most discerning audiophile. They offer impressive sound in a sleek package, making them great for home listening. From their finely tuned aural dynamics to their fully integrated Bluetooth technology, the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are serious-sounding wireless computer speakers; a great set of speakers we're pleased to include in our wireless computer speakers review.

While some of the wireless computer speakers in our review may be smaller, or include extras such as a remote control and wall-mount brackets, the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers offer some of the best sound around when it comes to wireless computer speakers. These high-performance two-way speakers include full-range drivers and have a wireless range of 30 feet.

What really makes the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers stand out is their award-winning Bluetooth solution that allows you to easily stream audio to these speakers from Bluetooth devices using the apt-X audio codec, which provides superior Bluetooth stereo sound. These wireless speakers are a great choice for people with Bluetooth devices who are looking for speakers that will seamlessly connect to their computer, phone or MP3 player.

These powerful speakers will definitely impress. To enable clear audio transmission the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers have a frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz. They also have an 80dB sound-pressure level. The speakers are 7 inches tall, 2.79 inches wide and 3.85 inches deep. Their total weight is 3.6 pounds.

For genuine bass, the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers include built-in BassFlex technology that gives the speakers full-sounding low frequencies without including an additional sub-woofer. This technology works by extending to lower frequencies during audio transmission.

The Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers look great and fit with nearly any home décor. They have an attractive, sleek, black finish and an auxiliary audio or headphone jack and volume controls located on the front of the right speaker at the bottom. You can connect the speakers to non-Bluetooth devices using the line-in port at the back of the speaker. You can also purchase a separate CreativeBT-D1 Bluetooth USB transmitter to use these speakers with a non-Bluetooth device. Note: Non-Bluetooth devices only use these speakers by purchasing a separate Creative BT-D1 Bluetooth USB transmitter.

The Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers have a surprising bass thanks to their streamlined BasXFlex technology. And since they connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices with apt-X audio codex technology, they transmit crystal clear audio. We also love the front-and-center audio controls.

These wireless Bluetooth speakers include a quick-start leaflet and technical- support booklet to help you with any initial questions. You can also find helpful knowledgebase solutions and FAQs on Creative’s website, along with email support and a user forum.

If you’re looking for wireless speakers with enhanced bass that look as great as they sound, the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are an excellent choice. With their easy-access controls and Bluetooth integration, the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers show just how far wireless speaker technology has come.

IPEVO Tubular

The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers from IPEVO – a strictly online store that sells accessories to rev up electronic devices – are an innovative pair of wireless computer speakers made for the iPad, iPhone and any Bluetooth-enabled computer, audio system or mobile device. They take flat audio and transform it into full stereo sound. From their unique interlocking tube design to their small size, which makes them ideal for traveling, the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers, another great two-way speaker system found in our wireless computer speakers review, will become the next gadget you can’t live without.

The clever interlock design of the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers is one of their best features. They will work connected or separately, and since they interlock, they’re a breeze to tote in your backpack, purse and even a standard-sized car cup holder. To separate the speakers, simply twist them to unlock. In addition, there’s a rubber spool underneath each speaker so you can easily wind up the cord and store it. This feature is great for avoiding general clutter and for keeping the cords organized and safe from damage.

To make the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers even better suited for portability, they’re powered by a rechargeable battery with an eight-hour playback lifespan or 100-hour standby lifespan. The battery charges via a USB port, which you connect to your Bluetooth-enabled device with the included audio-in auxiliary line. The battery only needs two hours to fully charge.

The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers project a well-balanced sound with adequate mid-range and noticeable bass. They have a frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz and a total output power of 6W. They can operate up to 32 feet from the audio source. The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers only work with Bluetooth-enabled devices that support A2DP, however.

While these wireless speakers are not tethered by an AC adapter wire and do not need to be connected to your audio device, the left and right speakers need to be connected to each another with a 2.5-foot cable in order to project full stereo sound. You can, however, use only the main speaker for left-channel monaural sound.

The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers compact size can’t be beat. They 2.9 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. At only 9.5 ounces, these wireless speakers are the lightest in our review. To help the audio waves travel better, they’re also slightly slanted at the bottom so that the sound travels directly towards you. Additionally, the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers are available in either black or white.

To adjust the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers volume, you simply use the volume control on the side of the left speaker. The multimedia button light and indicator button are located by the volume knob. You can also fully control the audio playback – i.e. pause, play, next track and so forth – directly on your device or phone, making these speakers great for parties because controlling your tunes is easy no matter where you are.

The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers deliver portable stereo sound that may surprise you. And they're a breeze to use. After making sure they’re fully charged, simply press and hold the multimedia button on the side of the speakers. Look for the indicator light to blink blue/red and then you'll know that the speakers are ready to go.

The IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers come with great customer support. They are sold in eco-friendly packaging and include a quick start guide. IPEVO offers toll-free phone and email support, and their Disqus blog at the bottom of the product page allows consumers to discuss the high and low points of the product. 

Bringing full-bodied audio to your Bluetooth-enabled device is quick and painless thanks to the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers. From their memorable design that enables an unlimited array of uses to their surprisingly good sound, the IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers are a wise choice for audiophiles with Bluetooth devices who are on the hunt for the best wireless speakers to meet their needs.

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