If you give professional presentations using PowerPoint or similar software, wireless presenters, also known as presenter remotes or even presenter pens, aren't your only option – they're just the best option. A well-designed wireless presenter will greatly enhance your presentations. Whether you want to highlight an important fact with the laser pointer or fade the screen to black so your audience will focus on you, wireless presenters can point your audience's attention where you want it to be. Some presenters can even remind you at determined intervals to move along with the presentation. 

Educators will also find wireless presenters a great help. During presentations, a good wireless presenter will allow an educator to be in the forefront, really leading the discussion and interacting with students. A wireless presenter will help teachers move quickly and seamlessly through a presentation so even students with a short attention span will be able to focus. One of the greatest attractions of these presenters is their compatibility; most wireless presenters will work with just about any computer setup you have. All computers these days have USB ports, which allow external devices to communicate with the computers. Wireless presenters are simple USB plug-and-play devices, which means you just stick the receiver part of the presenter into a USB port and the device is ready to go. 

Wireless presenters can enhance any presentation. With a wireless presenter, you can walk around and engage your audience directly, instead of fumbling with a keyboard or mouse, stuck in front of a computer. When it comes to professional or educational presentations, it is important to add this professional touch. For tips on giving presentations, check out our articles about public speaking. To get an idea of what you might like in a wireless presenter, take a look at our top three products: Logitech's R800, Microsoft's Presenter Mouse 8000, and SMK-Link's Presentation Pilot Pro. Here you can compare wireless laser presenters and find out which one is best for you.

Wireless Presenters: What to Look For

Wireless presenters can make the difference between a good presentation and an excellent presentation. Of course, some wireless presenters will suite your needs better than others. In order to present you with the best options, we focused heavily on the following criteria while doing our research:

As with any hardware, the basic functions of different products from different companies will be the same. So what would make you want to buy one wireless presenter instead of a different one? Some presenters have very useful features like timers and stopwatches. Another useful feature is a low battery indicator. However, you may decide that you don't need any extra features and want something that will advance a slideshow and includes a laser pointer. Whatever your needs, you can find a wireless presenter that will suit them. 

The way features are implemented in the product can have a drastic effect on how effective they are. One thing to consider is how many buttons there are on a wireless presenter. While having quick access to different functions can be useful, the more buttons there are on a presenter, the greater your chance of a misclick is. One thing we looked at in particular in our research is the type of battery the presenter requires. AAA batteries are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. AA batteries are even better. Avoid button or coin cell batteries, as they tend to be more expensive and harder to find. We lowered the rating of wireless presenters which use batteries other than AAA or AA.

As with any hardware, product support is important. Support options such as online chat, FAQs, email, and telephone support can go a long way in resolving any questions or concerns you may have about your product. Be sure to see what support options your product manufacturer offers before buying. Also, pay attention to the warranty. The length of warranties varies greatly from company to company. Some warranties for wireless presenters are as short as 90 days, while others last up to five years.

In our research, the highest ranked wireless presenters received their high scores because of excellent features and integration of those features in their design. Support was also a major consideration in assigning scores. With useful features, elegant design, and excellent product support, our top-ranked wireless presenters will enhance any presentation.

Logitech R800

If you've shopped for computer peripherals before, you're surely familiar with Logitech. Logitech produces high quality hardware such as web cameras, keyboards and mice. The Logitech R800 wireless presenter holds to the same standards of high quality as Logitech's other products.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a wireless presenter is the wireless part. How far the presenter can transmit its signal is very important. With a 100-foot wireless range, the Logitech R800 allows you to be anywhere you want to be during your presentation. This mobility enables you to engage your audience directly instead of spending most of the presentation hidden behind a computer using a mouse or keyboard. A 100-foot wireless range means that even large stages or presentation halls aren't too big.

The R800 has a nifty little LCD display that indicates the strength of the wireless signal. If you do somehow manage to tread outside of the 100-foot range of the presenter, the signal strength indicator will warn you, possibly preventing a hiccup in the presentation. The signal strength indicator can also be a measure of any possible interference. Knowing how well your wireless presenter will respond is key to pulling off a great presentation.

Another disaster-prevention feature is the low battery signal. Nobody wants to be in the middle of a big presentation and have the batteries go dead. Imagine giving an important presentation in front of your coworkers and, heaven forbid, your boss. All seems to be going well until, despite your best efforts, your wireless presenter ceases to respond to your clicks. This would be extremely embarrassing and, what's worse, it would force you to use a mouse or a keyboard for the rest of the presentation. That is why the low battery indicator on the R800 is a welcome addition to its already spectacular features.

Logitech is true to its name and included a logical tool in the R800 – a very handy timer and vibrating alarm. With a single glance, you can see the wireless signal strength, battery life and time. At the beginning of your presentation, you can start the stopwatch time function to keep you on track. You can also set alarms at certain intervals to remind you to move along with the presentation. These alarms come in the form of simple vibrations. It is very important to start and end a presentation at the specific times allotted you. People are busy and have places to be. Meetings have agendas and urgent topics that need to be discussed. Therefore, you, the presenter, need to be as accommodating and on-time as you can be. There aren't many better ways to do this than keeping track of time and setting reminder alarms.

The staple ingredient of all wireless presenters is the laser pointer. The R800 presenter features a wonderful green laser pointer. In the world of laser pointers, green is better than red. Green lasers have a higher frequency so they're easier to see. It can be frustrating when you try to highlight a point in your slideshow presentation, but the red laser pointer you're using doesn't show up on the screen very well, making it difficult for your audience to follow along. Laser pointers in general are great tools for harnessing the attention of your audience, which is essential to giving a successful presentation. The green laser pointer on the Logitech R800 is one of the better ones we've seen in our comparison, and it will help you deliver expert presentations.

The Logitech R800 uses two AAA batteries to power the laser pointer and wireless capability. AAA batteries are easy to find and are relatively inexpensive. The low battery indicator will also help reduce battery costs. Without the battery indicator, you might be liable to trade out batteries before it is necessary to do so. We think it's a very user-friendly feature you shouldn't go without. Some wireless presenters use coin or button batteries, which are exactly what they sound like – batteries shaped like buttons or coins. These batteries can be costly and difficult to find. The fact that the R800 uses AAA batteries certainly helped it on its way to the top of our list.

There are several different technologies that wireless presenters use. The first wireless presenters used infrared technology. Wireless presenters with infrared technology are very rare now due to the drawbacks of this technology. Infrared technology requires a direct line of sight with an infrared receiver. Most of the time this means you have to point the wireless presenter at the computer for it to work. The Logitech R800, and most other presenters, uses radio frequency (RF) technology, which is much more versatile than infrared technology. RF technology frees you from pointing the presenter at the computer, allowing you to face your audience and focus on their reactions.

Having too many buttons on a wireless presenter can be frustrating. However, not having enough quick-to-use functions at hand can also hamper your performance. The R800 finds a happy medium with five different buttons, all placed in logical positions. This is important because you won't have to look down at the presenter every time you want to use the laser pointer, advance a slide, or fade the screen to black. The R800 presenter also has a switch to turn the unit on and off. This is extremely helpful when traveling. Even if the R800 gets bumped in your laptop case, luggage, or briefcase, the batteries will not be drained by the time you get to your presentation.

The R800 is not the slimmest wireless presenter we researched, but it is definitely a comfortable size. It fits snugly in your hand without being bulky or awkward. The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and hold onto. While the presenter is not the smallest we have seen, it is still small enough to place in a pocket. At 8 ounces, the R800 is also not the lightest wireless presenter, but rather has enough weight that you can feel it and know it's there.

Support is an important thing to consider when purchasing any hardware and Logitech's support is commendable. The first place to look if you have any issues with the R800, is probably the user's manual. You can also contact Logitech through email or by phone. On Logitech's website, you can also find FAQs that may help you resolve any problems without going through the hassle of contacting the company. Perhaps most important is the three year limited warranty that Logitech gives with any purchase of an R800 wireless presenter.

The Logitech R800 wireless presenter is an outstanding electronic device that can help you excel in any presentation. The functional features will ensure that you're at the top of your game, and the sleek design will impress with its sophisticated style. The excellent wireless range and the handy LCD display are stand-out features. Logitech's support and three-year warranty are reliable and ensure that you will not be disappointed in this product. The Logitech R800 wireless presenter has earned its place as number one on our list.

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Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000

Every once in a while, two different things combine to make something superb – like peanut butter and jelly. Or ice cream and cookie dough. Microsoft's Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 is one of the best thanks to the ingenuity of its combination laser mouse and wireless presenter design. Microsoft took the important parts of two different pieces of hardware and fused them together in a compact, efficient PC peripheral. This pairing of devices allows the user to experience the best a mouse and wireless presenter can offer in what we feel a truly versatile, ingenious tool.

The most exciting feature of the Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 is its dual nature. Simply by pressing a button located on the top and middle of the presenter, you can switch from mouse mode to presentation mode. The top of the Presenter Mouse 8000 looks and functions mostly like a normal mouse from Microsoft, but flip the device over and you'll find the presentation control buttons. This duality makes the Presenter Mouse 8000 an excellent choice for people who want to save some space in their backpack, briefcase, or laptop case because it can take the place of three pieces of hardware: a mouse, a media remote and a wireless presenter. This duality, or rather, triality, allows you to easily transition from the computer to speaking with your audience face-to-face.

The Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 has a comparatively short wireless range of 30 feet. Of all the wireless presenters we looked at in our research, 30 feet was the shortest wireless range. However, for most people 30 feet is more than enough. In most venues where you'd make a presentation, the computer will most likely not be more than 30 feet away. We think this handy wireless presenter will fit most of your needs, whether you're a teacher, professor or business professional.

The Presenter Mouse 8000 has many features, but one of the most important is a low-battery indicator. We were impressed that Microsoft implemented a low-battery indicator in this wireless presenter. It is a very useful tool that can prevent embarrassing situations – such as the batteries dying in your wireless presenter in the middle of your presentation. A low-battery indicator can also save you money. Instead of replacing batteries early because you're afraid of them giving out during a presentation, you can know exactly when the right time is to get new ones. Thus, you don't spend money on batteries you don't need yet.

Most wireless presenters include a built-in laser pointer, which allows you to highlight specific numbers or emphasize key points in your presentation. The Presenter Mouse 8000 is no exception. It features a red laser that is activated by pressing a button in the middle of the presenter. Laser pointers are essential for a successful presentation, as they can direct the attention of the audience where you want it to be. Thus, laser pointers are a critical component to a good wireless presenter and we're glad the Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 features one. As small as the presenter is, we were rather surprised that there was room inside it for a laser pointer.

We were happy to note that the Presenter Mouse 8000 uses AAA batteries. You might ask why this is beneficial. Well, for the simple fact that AAA batteries are easy to find and are rather inexpensive when compared with other battery types. Some wireless presenters use button or coin batteries, which can be frustrating because finding the right replacement battery can be very difficult. Not to mention that coin batteries are usually more expensive than AA or AAA batteries.

Bluetooth technology is not common in wireless presenters. In fact, the Presenter Mouse 8000 is the only presenter in our lineup that is Bluetooth capable. Bluetooth technology allows for easy synchronizing, and it reduces the chances of interference from other radio devices. The Presenter Mouse 8000 also uses radio frequency technology. This technology made infrared technology in wireless presenters nearly obsolete. Infrared requires you to point the presenter at the computer or infrared receiver in order for the signal to arrive. Radio frequency technology allows you to point the presenter anywhere and the signal will still reach the receiver.

Wireless presenters can be a great help during any presentation, but they can quickly become frustrating if they are too complicated to use. Too many buttons can lead to confusion and a higher chance of pressing the wrong button. The Presenter Mouse 8000 has 11 buttons, but they are cleverly divided up between the mouse function and the presenter function. At no time are all 11 buttons active, so there is no need to worry about over-complicated controls. There is also a rather practical button which turns the presenter on and off. This can be a big help in preserving battery life.

Maybe the only negative aspect of the Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 is the fact that you need to install software that comes bundled with the mouse. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if the computer controlling your presentation does not already have the software installed. You'll find you can use the presenter even with a computer that doesn't have the software installed, but you will probably have trouble getting all the presentation controls to work smoothly.

If for any reason the Presenter Mouse 8000 ceases to function, or the unit you receive doesn't work correctly, you can take advantage of the three year warranty that Microsoft offers. If you want to resolve any issues with the mouse on your own, there are FAQs on Microsoft's website, or you could simply look at the user manual. If you wish to get in contact with Microsoft, telephone and email options are available.

The Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 is a great piece of hardware that combines the functionality of a mouse with the versatility of a wireless presenter. And it does this ingeniously. The only drawback of this great PC peripheral is the required software that must be installed to obtain full functionality. From the supporting features, to the compact, efficient design, the Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 presents itself well.

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SMK-Link Presentation Pilot Pro

With the Presentation Pilot Pro, SMK-Link has created an admirable addition to the world of wireless presenters. The Pilot Pro deserves praise for its functionality, usability and reliability. The features, design, and support from SMK-Link make the Pilot Pro one of the best wireless presenters available for less than $100.

In any presentation, it is important to know the wireless range of your presenter. It would not be a good idea to go outside of this range, because that could create unwanted pauses in the presentation while you wait for the wireless presenter to respond to your commands. With the Pilot Pro, you almost don't need to think about the wireless range, as the presenter is effective within a 50-foot radius of the receiver. This means that you can walk about the room or stage without undue worry as to whether your wireless presenter will perform well. This is a welcome relief, as presentations can give you enough to worry about already.

Another feature of the Pilot Pro which will reduce your stress level is the low-battery indicator. This is a very useful feature on any wireless presenter. No one should have to experience the embarrassment of a botched presentation due to dead batteries and a therefore useless presenter. Imagine giving an important presentation in front of your boss and the wireless presenter stops working. At best, it would be very embarrassing. A low-battery indicator can save you from uncomfortable situations like that. It can also save you from replacing batteries too early just because you want to be sure they won't die in the middle of a presentation and leave you without a wireless presenter.

The laser pointer on the Pilot Pro is the only function of the wireless presenter which draws a major complaint. The laser beam is very narrow and not very bright, even with new batteries. This can make it difficult to see on a screen, which defeats the purpose of having a laser pointer. To be fair, SMK-Link likely made the laser thin and dim because of safety concerns. Damage to eyes from lasers is a very real threat, and making a product safe is more important than making it powerful. The laser pointer does show up on the screen clearly if you are close enough, so you can still make use of the wireless presenter's laser pointer.

The Pilot Pro is relatively small and extremely light, weighing a mere 2 ounces. This is light, even for wireless presenters. It fits in your hand easily and comfortably. The presenter is home to a healthy array of buttons, seven of them to be exact. The functionality of the presenter is impressive, yet there aren't enough buttons to get confusing. This is one of the Pilot Pro's strong points. It is a rather simple yet effective design that leaves little room for inadvertent button clicks.

One very nice feature of the Pilot Pro is the receiver bay. The USB receiver is housed within the presenter itself. It slides into a little bay at the bottom of the device. The USB receiver fits snugly in place, and once in this position, all buttons on the presenter are locked down. This can help preserve battery life because it prevents pushed buttons from using power while you transport the presenter. Having the USB receiver lock all the buttons is a design characteristic unique to this wireless presenter.

One disadvantage the Pilot Pro has is that it uses a coin or button battery. The CR2025 battery is rated at having a six-month life expectancy; however, these kinds of batteries can be difficult to find and are usually more expensive than traditional AA or AAA batteries. When a coin battery dies, it can be a hassle to find the exact one your device needs. Most wireless presenters use AA or AAA batteries.

If you have any questions about the Pilot Pro, SMK-Link can be contacted through email or by telephone. If your device has a problem and you would rather do some research on your own, the user manual would be a great place to start. There are also FAQs on the SMK-Link website. If your presenter somehow becomes damaged, it is covered by a limited one-year warranty. Overall, the support offered for the Pilot Pro is excellent.

The Pilot Pro has several outstanding features and a comfortable, smart design. You could place the presenter in your pocket and forget that you have it because it is so light. However, there are a couple of drawbacks that keep the Pilot Pro from being the number one wireless presenter: it has a weak laser pointer and uses a coin battery. Despite these drawbacks, the Presentation Pilot Pro is still a very good wireless presenter, with all of the necessary components and features in a well-put-together package.

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SIIG CE-WR00 12-S1

SIIG has a reputation for creating and supporting high-quality products. The SIIG CE-WR0012-S1 wireless presenter is just such a product. This wireless presenter adheres to SIIG's quality standards and is, therefore, a very reliable electronic device. The WR0012 is a capable wireless presenter that can help you improve any presentation. Its compact size and accommodating weight make this presenter a strong contender with the competition.

The SIIG has a built-in laser pointer, which is an integral part of all good wireless presenters. The red laser is everything you would expect from a laser pointer. It is bright and easy to see. However, this wireless presenter only houses one battery, so if you use the laser pointer often, you may need to replace the battery more frequently than is the case with other wireless presenters. One battery will be drained much more quickly than two.

With a wireless range of 50 feet, the SIIG allows you to be just about anywhere in the room while giving your presentation. This can be very useful, because you may want to engage your audience more directly than by standing in the front of the room during the entire presentation. With a large range, you will feel less restricted by your presenter and more able to engage the audience.

This wireless presenter has a handy switch that turns the device on and off. This can be a great battery saver. If you travel with the SIIG, you won't need to worry about any buttons getting pushed and draining the battery while the presenter is in your laptop case, luggage or backpack. This simple design feature impressed us, as it makes presentations less worrisome – presentations are stressful enough without worrying about whether your battery is going to last through the end of your presentation.

Size is very important in the world of wireless presenters, and usually, the smaller a presenter is, the better. The SIIG is just about the smallest wireless presenter we looked at in our research. At just 4.25 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, the presenter fits easily in your hand and is light weight enough to not be a burden. Its small design makes the SIIG less distracting. You want the audience to focus on your presentation, not what you have in your hand.

Out of all the wireless presenters we looked at, the SIIG has the longest warranty. The five-year limited warranty offered by SIIG is a perfect example of how SIIG supports its products. The user manual is extensive and detailed. If you have any questions, SIIG can be contacted directly through email and by telephone. The support for this wireless presenter is outstanding and hard to beat.

The SIIG CE-WR0012-S1 is a superb all-around presenter that is backed up by a company with an excellent reputation. The lack of a low-battery indicator could be troublesome, but the ability to turn the device on and off with a switch gives you the ability to conserve battery life. This wireless presenter is a good choice for those who are looking for an easy-to-use and reliable wireless presenter.

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Satechi SP800

The Satechi SP800 is a wireless presenter that has all of the features and functions usually found with wireless presenters. However, this presenter's green laser pointer, large wireless range and small size set it apart somewhat from the competition. The SP800 also has mouse tracking capabilities, but they haven't been implemented in this presenter as well as in others. The SP800 is a competitor in a tough market, and it does everything that one would expect of a wireless presenter.

Wireless range is an important feature to consider when looking at wireless presenters. The SP800 sports a 100-foot wireless range – well above average. This range enables you to move around as much as you want to while presenting. Some wireless presenters may limit you by making you stay within a rather confined wireless range, but the SP800 gives you the freedom to do as you please. If you want to engage your audience more directly, you are free to move among them.

The built-in green laser pointer really makes the SP800 stand out. Green lasers are usually rarer because they are harder to construct, and are, therefore, more expensive. The SP800's green laser pointer, as with most green lasers, is bright and easy to see in any conditions. Sometimes red lasers can be hard to see on a bright screen and that is where green lasers really excel. The SP800's green laser is always easy to see.

Mouse functionality in a wireless presenter is a much sought-after feature. The SP800 obliges those who want this ability, but disappoints in its usability. There is no way to make diagonal movements, which means that clicking on things like scrollbars can become a difficult task. Subtle movements are simply impossible with the four-way mouse controls.

The SP800 has a seven-button layout. There are four directional buttons which serve as mouse controls. A switch on the side lets you change from presentation mode to mouse mode. The same four buttons that control the mouse pointer change to presentation-oriented controls when switched over. The remaining two buttons are for left mouse click and right mouse click. The layout can be a little complicated, but it just takes some experience to get used to it.

The SP800 is a relatively small wireless presenter. It fits easily in your hand; however, as far as wireless presenters go, this presenter is pretty heavy. At 11.2 ounces, it is the heaviest wireless presenter we looked at during our research. This isn't really a big deal though. In reality, 11.2 ounces isn't very much – less than a pound.

If for any reason your SP800 stops working, you can contact Satechi through email or by telephone. The presenter has a one-year limited warranty, which allows you to feel comfortable with purchasing it. If you have any immediate concerns, there is a user manual, which can give you basic information and guidance.

The SP800 excels in some areas and leaves a little to be desired in others. The green laser pointer and the large wireless range are the highlights of this product. The limited functionality of the mouse capability detracts from the wireless presenter's value. The Satechi SP800 is a strong contender in the wireless presenter market because of its well-designed features like the green laser pointer, but it is also weakened by features that didn't go over so well like the mouse controls.

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Kensington K72336US

Elegance and simplicity are much sought-after ideals in the world of wireless presenters. The Kensington K72336US delivers both of these characteristics in a well-designed, smartly constructed package. This presenter has several key features that make it stand out from the competition, but a few flaws and a high price keep it out of our top spots.

One life-saving feature of the Kensington is the low-battery indicator. The USB receiver has an LED that flashes green or red with every button press on the presenter itself. If it flashes green, the battery is good to go. If it flashes red, then it's time to think about changing batteries. This is a very useful feature for any wireless presenter and is a welcome addition to this presenter's abilities.

The wireless range of the Kensington is nothing impressive, but should be adequate for most users. The presenter functions reliably up to a distance of 30 feet. Any farther than that and it's anyone's guess as to whether it will work or not. A range of 30 feet is enough for most people and really doesn't present a problem. In most classrooms and office meeting rooms, a 30-foot wireless range is all you will need. Although some wireless presenters boast a larger wireless range, it isn't absolutely necessary.

Battery life is very important to those who use wireless presenters often. The Kensington has a nifty design feature that helps preserve battery life: when the USB receiver is placed in its bay inside the presenter itself, it turns the unit off completely. This is a very nice idea, but there is one flaw in the design. In order to get the USB receiver out of its bay, you need to push it in a little, and then it will pop out. This presents a bit of a problem, as the receiver could easily get pushed in if the presenter is in, say, your briefcase or backpack. That would turn the presenter on and unlock all the buttons, draining the batteries.

This wireless presenter is larger than most other presenters, so it could be ideal for you if you have large hands. The size of the presenter also allows for a simple and efficient overall design. There are four buttons: one for the laser pointer, one for the next slide, one for the previous slide and one for a blank screen. The limited number of buttons reduces functionality, but it also prevents pushing the wrong button with a fumbling finger.

Kensington supports the Kensington with a two-year limited warranty. If you need to contact Kensington, email and telephone options are both available. The support for this wireless presenter is pretty good. The only problem we had with it is the user manual. It is not very helpful and also not very well organized.

The Kensington K72336US is elegant and simple – perfect for you if your presentation is relatively uncomplicated. For those who want a presenter with the ability to handle complicated presentations loaded with video and links, the Kensington K72336US will fall short of expectations. This wireless presenter is built around one idea: simplicity.

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Targus AMP13US

It is difficult to find wireless presenters that are both simple in design and rich in features. The Targus AMP13US makes a valiant effort at providing you with a functional multi-purpose wireless presenter, while maintaining a simplicity that leaves little room for error. For the most part, this presenter succeeds in achieving that goal.

The Targus AMP13US flaunts a wireless range of 50 feet. This provides you with the freedom to move away from the podium or desk where the computer is. This can be important if you wish to engage your audience more directly. Some wireless presenters confine you to a rather limited range, but this presenter is different. Instead of limiting you, it frees you.

While the Targus tries hard to be a multi-purpose wireless presenter, it falls short in some categories. The built-in laser pointer is not very bright when compared to other wireless presenters. This can be problematic if the screen is bright or you give a presentation in a large room. If your audience cannot see the laser, it defeats the purpose of having a laser pointer in the first place.

One excellent design feature of the Targus is the battery bay where the USB receiver is also stored. The presenter uses one AAA battery for power, but there is another slot for a backup battery. This is a very handy feature. If one of the batteries dies, then you have another one right there, just waiting to be used. Targus put some thought into the design of this wireless presenter.

The USB receiver is very small when compared to many other wireless presenters. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The receiver takes up less space when plugged into the laptop and is easily stored in its slot within the battery bay. However, its small size also means that it could be lost much more easily than a larger USB receiver. Also, because the receiver is in the battery bay, you have to remove the battery bay cover twice for each presentation. This could put some stress on it and reduce the life of the presenter itself.

There are two useful switches on the presenter. One turns the device on and off and the other one allows you to select which operating system and program you want to use. There are three options: PC, Mac KN (Keynote) and Mac PPT. These two switches improve this wireless presenter's versatility significantly.

Targus offers a one-year limited warranty for this wireless presenter. It is comforting to know that a large company such as Targus stands by its products. If you need to get in contact with Targus, they can be reached through email or by telephone. There is also a user manual for the presenter if you want to take a quick look at some instructions.

The Targus AMP13US is a little wireless presenter that tries very hard to be a good multi-purpose wireless presenter. For the most part, it functions well and fills in several roles. However, there are a few flaws and drawbacks that keep the Targus AMP13US from passing up the competition in the wireless presenter market.

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Versatility is very important while giving a presentation. A person can be very versatile, adapting to situations as they come up. That's why it's important that your hardware can keep up with you. The IOGEAR GME422RW6 attempts to provide the versatility and agility required by professional presentations by combining the functionality of a mouse with the power of a wireless presenter. Combining two different pieces of hardware is by no means an easy task.

With a 30-foot wireless range, this IOGEAR device enables you to move around freely. Just make sure that you stay within the 30-foot radius, otherwise the presenter could become unresponsive. For many, 30 feet is plenty of room to move around in. However, if you present in a large conference room or in an auditorium, you may want a longer wireless range.

This wireless presenter features a built-in laser pointer that can help you grab your audience's attention and focus it where you want it to be. A laser pointer is essential to wireless presenters, and this presenter has incorporated it nicely into its design. The laser pointer in this wireless presenter is nothing spectacular. It has a job to do and does it.

It seems that IOGEAR wanted to create a multi-purpose, do-everything mouse and wireless presenter combination, but many of the design ideas just didn't come out right. The presenter itself is not particularly comfortable in your hand. The trackball could have been a nice addition to this wireless presenter, but there is no way to adjust how fast it tracks. In other words, the cursor is agonizingly slow in its progress across the screen and there is no way to fix it.

The GME422RW6 uses rechargeable AA batteries. While this is commendable in an effort to help reduce battery waste, it can be rather cumbersome. If the batteries die during a presentation, then you are forced to place the presenter on its charge dock. Or you can purchase a separate set of rechargeable batteries, but that is not recommended, as rechargeable batteries can be quite expensive. The charge dock is connected to the computer with a cable, so if you have to place the presenter on the charge dock during a presentation, it completely eliminates the wireless part of the equation.

IOGEAR is kind enough to offer a three-year limited warranty for the GME422RW6. As far as wireless presenters go, this is one of the longest time spans you can find for a warranty. If anything goes wrong with the wireless presenter, you can contact IOGEAR through email or by telephone. There is also a user manual you can search for information. Online you can find FAQs for any further questions.

The IOGEAR GME422RW6 is a great idea that did not quite translate into reality. Its performance as a wireless presenter is marginal. As a mouse, it's barely usable because of the painfully slow tracking speed. There is a lot of potential for a well-rounded multi-purpose wireless presenter in the IOGEAR GME422RW6, but it just didn't quite find the right form.

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Alpec Ultrathin

Wireless presenters need to be compact due to the nature of their job. It would simply look silly to carry around a large, heavy object whose only purpose is to control a slideshow. If the wireless presenter distracts the audience from you or your presentation, then it is hampering instead of helping your performance. The Alpec Ultrathin Wireless Presenter is the smallest wireless presenter we came across in our research.

The Alpec Ultrathin gives you freedom of movement within a 30-foot radius of the USB receiver. For many purposes, a 30-foot wireless range is enough to do everything you need to do. After all, the purpose of having a wireless presenter is to enable you to engage your audience more directly than if you used a presenter that had to be connected to the computer.

Laser pointers are very useful tools for getting your audience to focus its attention where you want it to be. Alpec somehow managed to squeeze a red laser pointer into the presenter's compact design. The laser pointer adds a new level of versatility to the Ultrathin, allowing you to highlight key facts and important figures during your presentation without resorting to a keyboard.

Due to the Ultrathin's small size, it can be difficult to press the correct button. It doesn't help that the buttons are not spaced out over the surface area of the presenter, but rather are bunched together. The number of buttons on the wireless presenter only compound the problem. The chances of pressing the wrong button are much higher with this wireless presenter than others we looked at. During a professional presentation, it is important to be precise. Mistakes are costly.

Also due to the slim design of the Alpec Ultrathin is the fact that it has to use a button battery instead of the standard AA or AAA. There simply wouldn't be any room for larger batteries. Button batteries are more expensive than standard ones and, what's more, are harder to find. The last thing you want to do is spend time looking for the correct battery for your presenter shortly before your presentation.

Support for the Alpec Ultrathin is somewhat limited. There is a 90-day limited warranty offered by Alpec. If you have any questions or want to contact Alpec, they can be reached through email or by telephone. Many companies have FAQs on their websites, but FAQs for the Alpec Ultrathin are sadly absent from their website. However, there is a user manual which you can refer to should you want to look up some information.

While the Alpec Ultrathin Wireless Presenter is indeed very small and compact, the lack of features and the complication of features due to the small size, leave much to be desired. At the price you would pay for an Ultrathin, you could get a much more functional and versatile wireless presenter. The Alpec Ultrathin Wireless Presenter has shown that size is not the only consideration for wireless presenters. 

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